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If you drink 12 beers in 8 hours what is your alcohol level?


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That would depend on the timing, your gender, weight and the condition of your liver. Since your body can handle about one 12-oz. beer an hour max, we could estimate that you would be roughly 4 to 6 hours from a legal level for driving. That's the best we can do with the information you provided.

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Alcohol only stays in they system for about 12 hours depending on how much you have had to drink. Alcohol breaks down in the body and makes it difficult to detect through urine. Alcohol is detected through blood alcohol level more accurately. Alcohol is processed by the liver at a rate of one ounce of pure alcohol in one hour. After that period, they can only test for the metabolites of alcohol. One once of alcohol is equal to one beer. Answer: Not Likely, but drink lots of water anyway to clense your system.

It takes about a few hours to 24 hours for alcohol not to be present in blood tests. It all depends how much you drink and what your alcohol level is.

1.8 your body can only process one drink perhour, .08 is one drink, you must have been hammered to come up with and alcohol level after 10 hours, quit drinking ok, before you kill yourself.

This is above the recommended safe level for alcohol consumption anyway if taken each day regardless of the medication.

.02 for each drink, beer, liquor or wine. so it would be a .1, weight onlydetermines how quickly the alcohol gets into your bloodstream. .02 for each drink, beer, liquor or wine. so it would be a .1, weight onlydetermines how quickly the alcohol gets into your bloodstream.

That would depend on how fast you drank, and how long it had been since you stopped when you were tested. Body composition and gender also enter into it. For most people, four beers in an hour would do it.The body metabolizes alcohol at the rate of roughly a beer an hour, so if you had five beers in two hours, you'd still be in about the same place.

no. you cant drink and drive anywhere. i guess you can though, as long as your alcohol level is under .8 but that's like 3 drops of alcohol.

It actually is impossible to determine with out a alcohol breath test. The reason this is, is because if a baby drinks one single beer its alcohol level would be a lot higher than an adult that had drank a single beer. Lets say you eat before you drink, your levels would be even lower than eating on an empty stomach.

Whatever it takes to get your blood alcohol level up to about .5%. After that, you won't be drinking any more.

It doesn't necessarily lower your blood alcohol level but while you eat your body has to metabolize the food you are consuming and it will keep your body energetic (so to speak) by processing your food and it will help process the alcohol faster than just drinking alone. If one person drinks 5 beers in 3 hours and eats 3 slices of pizza and another person drinks 5 beers and in 3 hours the person who ate pizza might have a lower alcohol content. It wouldn't be enough to be acceptable to pass a toxic screen by police though and wouldn't make enough difference to allow you to drive. You would notice more of a difference when you experience the hangover the next morning because you went to bed with a slightly lower alcohol content but your body kept metabolizing the food and alcohol.

You wouldn't be able to function past 0.40 BAC, the scale can't go above 1 either.

If the alcohol is not affecting your judgment or coordination, drink plenty of water and have at it. Be aware that alcohol is a diuretic, and keep an eye on your hydration level.

== == Blood may contain alcohol shortly after you have been drinking. BUT it is out of the blood stream in 18 to 24 hours after your last alcohol drink. In a lab test, alcohol is expressed as so many parts per 100 milliliters of blood, as a percentage figure.

Yes You can drink while you are taking Viagra but the viagra pill will not be as functional while the alcohol level in your blood is high.

There are many variables, including the strength of the beer and the size of the drinker. it is very difficult to get to a blood alcohol level that would cause death drinking beer. It has a relatively low alcohol content and has a large volume. The body can't consume that much fast enough that the body doesn't trigger other defense mechanisms, such as passing out or vomiting.

You can't sober up quickly unless you throw up the alcohol in your stomach, but then it will remain in your blood. Once alcohol is in your blood the best you can do is wait and drink lots of water to try and eliminate it from your system. Depending on how drunk you are you will have to wait from 3 hours to 6 hours before your alcohol level is back to 0. But of course the fastest way is to NOT get drunk in the first place.

On occasion the rastafari do consume alcohol, but only under certain circumstances and it is consumed at a level that does not cloud thinking. Haile Salassie I .. lives on

The highest alcohol by volume (ABV) level attainable by distillation is 96.5% and this is the level of some spirits available; most intended for drinking are used to home-make liqueurs.

Roughly one hour per drink plus one more hour. So, roughly: 1 beer and 1 shot: 3 hours 2 shots and 1 glass of wine: 4 hours Mixed drinks vary, depending on alcohol content. (If a drink has 2 shots of Irish Cream and 1 shot of rum, it counts as 3 shots).

It varies too much and is too subjective to answer outright.Strictly speaking from blood alcohol level an average American woman can drink about 2 glasses of typical red wine before getting "buzzed" and about 3 glasses before they run the risk of having a blood alcohol level that would be considered intoxicate. Even then it is not advisable to drive even after 1. You do not have to, in the US, have an elevated blood alcohol level to be considered impared.A typical male would would be able to drink 4 glasses of red wine before blood alcohol becomes an issue and still get buzzed after two glasses (8 ounces to a glass if memory serves me correctly).This is assuming that you drank them over a period of an hour roughly.Again this varies based on the weight, how often they drink, etc. and if you are talking mental impairment or strictly a blood alcohol level.At 161 lbs and a casual drinker it takes me (Idgarad) 5 glasses of Red Wine in a 1 hour period to blow a .08 on a breathlizer. I can drink 3 glasses of Red Wine though in a 30 minute period and blow a .13 so the speed at which you drink can greatly affect it.In addition eating\not eating prior to drinking can affect it also.Another influencer of this is the proof (amount of alcohol) in the drink. the higher the proof the more alcohol in the drink.Unless you are exceptionally large or small, you will be legally intoxicated if you drink between four and five American beers in one hour.

Not enough information. How much alcohol did they drink?. The question just says the same amount but what the amount. However, mostly likely the woman's alcohol level would be higher. Women metabolize differently.

Yes. Alcohol is metabolized at a rate specified by YOUR body. If your BAC (blood alcohol level) is high enough, you will not be able to metabolize all of the alcohol just by sleeping it off for a couple hours. If you drink that much, I suggest that you might have an alcohol problem and should probably seek help. Simply put, it takes about an hour for the average person to metabolise a unit of alcohol. If you consume eight units of alcohol, you will need about eight hours to clear your system. This varies from person to person.

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