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If you filed Chapter 13 but it was withdrawn and dismissed how do you get this removed from the CRA's since you did not go bankrupt?


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You can't get it removed. It will stay on there for 10 years and that is just a consequence of filing for bankruptcy. You can write to the credit reporting agencies to have the entry changed to reflet that it has been dismissed.

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The answer is yes -- Chapter 13s are removed after 7 years in a credit file

Dismissed charges are charges that have been dismissed by the state or government. These charges can be removed from your record.

Probably not. It was an attempt to get out of paying debts and many creditors would consider this to be significant as an indication of your credit risk. A dismissed chapter 13 BK remains on the credit report for 7 years from the date of the dismissal. This is true for Experian and Transunion. Equifax keeps a dismissed Chapter 13 BK for 10 years after date of filing... if anyone has been successful in getting Equifax to remove this item after 7 years, please share how you did it !!

Nothing, a dismissed banruptcy remains on a credit report for seven years.

A CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY TAKES 10 YEARS BEFORE THIS IS REMOVED OFF OF YOUR CREDIT REPORT. THE GOOD NEWS THIS DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR CREDIT ANY LONGER! *********************I filed Chapter 7 in 2003 and depending on what your state court's definition of "dismissed" is it CAN affect your credit. For instance, some courts definition of "dismissed" is the same as "discharged." In Ohio it is "discharged" and I no longer owe any debt, however it DID IN FACT AFFECT MY CREDIT. I can NO LONGER get any. I received denial letters stating the reason for being denied, "Bankruptcy." So do your homework according to your state.

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i want to find how to clean my crimal record from charges that has been dismissed but hurt me from findin employment

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A dismissed chapter 13 remains on a credit report for 7 years. A dismissed chapter 7 or 11 remains for 10 years. A discharged chapter 7 or 13 or 11 remains for 10 years. If the date for the dismissal or discharge exceeds any of the above time limits then the consumer should contact the credit bureaus by written correspondence requesting the entry be expunged.

You can't get it removed. It is a public record. If you file a bankruptcy and get it voluntarily dismissed the next day, it will still be on your credit report. Also, by the way, not paying into a Chapter 13 plan is not a voluntary dismissal. The Trustee moved to have the bankruptcy dismissed. - The easier approach would have been to actually voluntarily have it dismissed. Regarding Nate's posting, I agree that non-payment of a Chapter 13 normally results in the trustee moving to dismiss your case, which is an involuntary dismissal. I have no idea if whether a Chapter 13 is voluntarily or involuntarily dismissed affects your credit rating differently (probably not, credit reporting agencies barely seem to recognize the difference between Chapter 7's and Chapter 13's, much less the way in which any particular case is dismissed), but there can be a big difference to the debtor whether a case is involuntarily or voluntarily dismissed if a creditor has moved to get property back. Once a creditor asks the court for permission to get back some property (such as a car or home), which they do by filing a Motion for Relief from Stay, then if you voluntarily dismiss your case you are barred from re-filing a new Chapter 13 for 180 days. This 180 days may be enough time for the creditor to foreclose/repo and sell the property. Once a creditor moves to repo/foreclose in a Chapter 13, many people prefer to be involuntarily dismissed so they can re-file a new Chapter 13 immediately and get protection again before the creditor sells the collateral. Please keep in mind this is not legal advice but simply a statement of what many people do in that situation from my perspective. So, while Nate (in the posting above) said it is easier to voluntarily dismiss, that does not mean it is always better to voluntarily dismiss, depending on the circumstances.

You can write them or call and request that your bankruptcy be removed. They do not have to remove it, however. It is generally the amount of time that it falls off your credit or is not considered when being looked at for credit.

No, that is the only loan that will not be removed when you become bankrupt or if you pass away.

Yes. You must ask the Bankruptcy Judge to do so. The easiest way is getting the Trustee to agree as well and then submit it to the Judge.

The judgment is not "removed" but the judgment creditor is barred by the discharge from collecting on the judgment. Filing a c. 7 will stay the collection, but if the case is dismissed before a discharge is granted, the judgment is enforceable. If the judgment involves intentional harm or drunk driving or certain other limited situations, the discharge does not prevent collection on the judgment.

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THE ONLY POSSIBILTY THAT YOU HAVE ON RESOLVING A BANKRUPTCY IS TO MAKE SURE THAT THIS IS A DEBT THAT WAS DISMISSED. BANKRUPTCIES TAKE SEVEN YEARS FROM THE DATE THAT IS WAS FILED IN ORDER FOR THIS TO NO LONGER AFFECT YOUR CREDIT RATING. Bankruptcies remain on a credit report ten years from the time of discharge. A dismissed chapter 7 will remain ten years a dismissed chapter 13 will remain seven years. If the time has expired for the bankruptcy to be removed from the CR the person should write a letter containing all pertinent details including a copy of the date of the BK discharge or dismissal. Valid negative information of a credit report cannot be removed until the prescribed time limit has expired. Positive entries will remain an indefinite period of time, in some cases permanently.

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Yes. I tried to remove a dismissed bankruptcy from my credit report. All agencys were contacted and so was the FTC. They said they had a legal right to keep the Bankruptcy dismissal information on the bureaus files.

No. A bankruptcy becomes a public record as soon as it is filed. Its the same as any other type of lawsuit. Even if they are dismissed, they will still show up when searching for your name. The fact that a bankruptcy was not completed does not negate the fact that it was filed.

YES! Child support can not be removed even when filing Chapter 7.

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