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well i would think it was wrong and in front of the child's friend, her friend might tell her mother or someone

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Q: If you gave your kid a spanking on her bare bottom with a belt and my hand i made her bend over on my knee she had huge red marks on her bottom i did it in front of her friend was it wrong?
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What is the origin of the phrase brand spanking new?

There are two realms of thought concerning the origin of this phrase. The first is that many babies have been, and still are, spanked once or twice on the bottom when they are first born by a doctor or nurse to make the baby cry. This effective way of causing temporary pain is a way for medical professionals to ensure that the baby's lungs and throat are working probably, as the baby reacts by crying and/or screaming to the spank. The second, and a little bit of a stretch in comparison to the first, is that a spanking, especially when applied to the bare bottom, leaves a visible red mark on the buttocks. These red marks can quickly fade, particularly if the spanking applied was brief. The idea in using the phrase "brand spanking new" is that shortly after someone has been given a spanking, they will still have the red skin marks showing that their spanking was "new" or "just a short while ago."

Why does your butt get red while getting a bare bottom spanking?

i think that its because wean your butt getting smacked it leaves marks on your butt and wean your mom or dad keeps on doing it your marks are getting redder

Is leaving belt marks abuse?

Legally it is child abuse. Spanking is legal but not so severe you are leaving marks. The most common problem with corporal punishment is a punisher who is expressing their own anger. Spanking should be used only for certain situations. If you cannot administer an appropriate spanking because of your anger then don't. Put them in a corner, send them to their room until you have it together. Then remind them of what boundary they crossed and that the consequence is a spanking. Then do so with a cool head.

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Is it legal to leave a bruise on a child's behind?

If we are talking about spanking etc no it is not legal to spank so hard you leave marks.

Is spanking a child with a belt without leaving marks or bruises is against the law in michigan?

actually i am so sorry i don't know the answer

Is spanking legal in California?

Yes, it is legal. Watch out though. Anything other then open hand on the buttucks that leaves no marks can get you in trouble.

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