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YOU the driver will be responsible to pay the ticket.

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Q: If you get a speeding ticket while driving somebody elses car will?
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If you get a speeding ticket while driving somebody elses car will their insurance go high?

The fact that a driver gets a speeding ticket has nothing to do with the owner of the car(unless it's the speeders.) The vehicle owner's insurance company will never know about the ticket, but your's will (or your parents) if you're a minor and insured under your parent's insurance. However, if there's a reportable accident involved with the speeding ticket, then the owner of the vehicle,(I'm speaking only for New York State, not sure about others), will be considered responsible for the accident, since the insurance company will now know, but the speeding goes with the driver.

You were driving someone elses car with no insurance and got a speeding ticket What is the penalty?

Contact your local DMV or the Law enforcement department that issued you the citation. They will be happy to tell you the amount of the fines (penalty) you will need to pay and where you need to pay them.

what is the avarage cost for fighting a speeding ticket in colorado and is it worth the fight. in short i was clocked @71 in a 50. Imposable! i was in the rt lane following traffic with cruse set at 60.i belive i got someone elses ticket! ?

Pay it. fighting it means more then 150 in court costs on top of the price of the ticket. Your lucky it wasn't reckless driving you could have a fine on top of that ticket.

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You were driving someone elses car when you go a ticket for no registration no insurance who is responsible?

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