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about 9 months after that

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Q: If you got pregnant on Sept 15 when are you due?
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What day you got pregnant on?

Most pregnancies happen mid-way between your periods. If you know what day your period was due, count back 14 days. It might have happened 13 or 15 days before your period was due.

In what states can a girl who is 15 and pregnant marry her 16 year old boyfriend with parental consent?

No that is Illigal and its nasty how she got Pregnant

My due date is sept 7 2009 when did I get pregnant?

The approximate date of conception was December 15th 2008.

Is a 15 year old boy liable for conception of a child?

yes. my brother got a girl pregnant when he was about 15. its possible

If your due date is January 15 2011 what day did you get pregnant?

i was due Jan 15th. i concieved approx around April 10th

What day of the week was sept 15 1992?

September 15, 1992 was a Tuesday.

If I got pregnant on June 20th 2021, how many weeks/months am I?

2 months and 15 days

If you are only 15 and pregnant and don?

You should really tell your parents i mean comon you've got to.

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