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Possiblie, But i dout it . you could just be lucky and not cramp like some women and really that would be nice but i suggest for you to c a Doctor


Not necessarily, if you got your normal period flow you are not pregnant. If you're worried take a home pregnancy test.

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Is mild cramps that come and go a sign of pregnancy?

hi. Yes most defiently. when i was pregnant with my daughter i got cramps and sharp pains. hope this helps!

Is having the worst PMS ever a possible sign of pregnancy?

Yes, PMS can also be a sign of pregnancy providing you haven't got your period. Do a pregnancy test.

You didn't get cramps but you got your period?

Many women do not have cramps with their period and most women don't have cramps after childbirth.

If you skipped your period and when you got your next period it was very dry and dark not like usual is this normal or is it a sign of pregnancy?

If you had unprotected sex 3 months ago. It could be a sign of pregnancy.

You got your period 5 days late and have bad cramps and lower back ache for 2 weeks before period can it be a sign of pregnancy?

yes, when i had my first baby i was delayed for 3 days, had a lower back ache, when i went to my ob it was positive.

Is it likely you are pregnant if you have cramps and got a pimple like you usually do before your period but your period did not come and a home pregnancy test was positive?

Early pregnancy feels just like your period is going to start. if your home test was positive, then you are pregnant. ~pawsalmighty

What type of cramps are you having when you just got off your period at least 3 days ago?

Normal period cramps

Well you got off your period on a Friday and had unproteced sex on early Sunday and iam having cramps and feeling tired and vision not so clear could this be a sign of being pregant?

Hi, No this isn't a sign of being pregnant. It takes 12-18 days AFTER having sex before HCG is leaked into your blood and later your Urine and a few days after this has occured you will experience pregnancy symptoms. So no this is definitley not pregnancy related. If you do not want to become pregnant then please use protection. Your vision is blurry because you are tired. Stomach cramps can happen for 2 weeks after a period has ended or it could be wind/gas. No sign of pregnancy.

What is the likelihood of pregnancy if there was close contact but no penetration and your period was 3 days late without the usual heavy cramps after swimming in the ocean daily for several days?

Hi, If you got your period then there is no chance of pregnancy. If sperm came into contact with your vagina and you have not got your period then there is a chance of pregnancy but only a very very very tiny chance. Less than a 1% chance.

How can you tell if you got your period without looking in your underwear?


How do you know your going to have your period?

Usually you got cramps in your stomach.

If i just got off my period and had unprotected sex 3 days later can cramping be a sign of early pregnancy?

or pms

If your period come late is that a sign of possible pregnancy?

You're pregnant Biatch!!! Happened to me i got twins now. OF COURSE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does spotting mean 2 weeks before your period?

it could be hormonal related, infection related or pregnancy related. Answer I got that got told it was Implantation bleeding but got my period 2 weeks after. Implantation bleeding is a pregnancy sign that's if you didn't already know. From Pink Princess

Ive missed my period and im getting a lot of nausea i get cramps and i started to get them around the time of my period but I never got it. Any clue what's going on?

ever thought of something call pregnancy??

If you were a week late for your period then got a heavy period with cramps can you still be pregnant?

No. You cannot be pregnant if you get your period. No worries!

Could I be pregnant if I got my period on Oct 31 but by Nov 2 it was off since then been having period like cramps and tingly but no pregnancy symptoms?

You might be. Take a couple home pregnancy tests. If still not sure, see your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Do the first 3 days of pregnancy feel as though as you'd be getting your period?

When I got pregnant I had what I thought were menstrual cramps right around when I was expecting my period, so of course I thought my period was about to start. Then it never did. Apparently this is caused by the uterus cramping in preparation for the growing baby. I doubt you'd get these kind of cramps right after conception.

Can I be pregnant I got my period late and am now experienceing pregnancy symptoms?

By saying you got your period late, means you got your period so if you are bleeding then no you are not pregnant. you could be freaking your self out and also when your bleeding you do get pregnancy symptoms sometimes. If you did not get your period get a pregnancy test to know for sure!

If your ten days late for your period and have every pregnancy symptom but got a negative pregnancy test result one day ago?

Pregnancy symptoms are not unique to pregnancy. Tender breasts or nipples can be a sign that your period will be starting here soon. Vomitting and/or nausea can be a sign that you have food poisoning. A late period can be from overly stressing your body and yourself, and it could also be from to much weightloss, or being overly active.

I got my period and then 9 days later i got this strange brown and pinkish discharge is it a sign of pregnancy or is there any other reason for it such as an infection?

ew. that's gross

Last month you spotted for two days then your period got heavier this month you spotted for four days and now today your period is starting to get heavier is this a sign of pregnancy?

no, it is a sign of stress. try to relax joymaker rn

Is it normal to have cramps after period?

It is very normal for girls to have cramps after there period... Or even before... I just got off my period and there isstill a bit of clear stuff........ You have absolutely nothing to worried about......... But if your cramps are as bad as the ones that you get when your on you period then you might want to tell a adult......... Good luck

How do you know you got your period?

You will see stains in your underwear and its red and you got cramps and you see it at the back of your underwear

Can you still be pregnant if you started your period the month before 10 days late and got your period then this month you were 6 days late and got your period and shed the uterine lining?

when ever you have bleeding like that and have clotting (the uterine lining) that is a sign you are not pregnant, or a sign you pregnancy is not going well go see a doctor