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If you had 3 rabbits 2 snakes and 5 birds how many legs are there?

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rabbits = 12 legs Snakes don't even have legs. Birds = 10 legs Total= 22 ---- Oops I wasn't thinking about there front paws!

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Do snakes eat rabbits?

Full-grown rabbits are rather large for most snakes, but many snakes will prey on baby rabbits, and some of the larger snakes can eat adult rabbits.

How many snakes eat rabbits?

Many snakes will consume rabbits, especially baby rabbits. Rat snakes, pine snakes are a couple. Probably the most common predator of rabbits is are the large rattlesnakes like the Diamondbacks.

What the difference between a snake and a rabbit?

There are many differences between a snake and a rabbit. Rabbits eat plant and vegetable matter, making them herbivores. Snakes eat other animals (including insects), making them carnivores. Rabbits have four legs and external, visible ears. Snakes have no legs, and no external visible ears. Rabbits are mammals, with fur. Snakes are reptiles, with scaly skin.

How many legs on 25 snakes?

0 snakes do not have legs.

How many legs does all rabbits have?

All rabbits have four legs.

How many legs do snakes have?

snakes don't have legs. they crawl to move from one place to another.snakes dont have legs.

Can birds eat snakes?

Many birds eat snakes. Many species of hawks and eagles eat snakes, as do shrikes and roadrunners.

What reptiles have no legs?

Snakes and many lizards have no legs.

How many legs has a parrot?

Parrots birds, all birds have two legs.

How many legs does a king cobra have?

None. Snakes do not have legs.

Are birds afraid of snakes?

Sometimes. Some birds are prey to snakes, however many eagles, hawks and falcons actually eat snakes.

How many legs do you have?

Humans have two legs. I have two legs. Cats have four legs. Snakes have zero legs.

How many legs on canaries?

2 because canaries are birds and all birds have 2 legs

What are three animals in Wyoming?

In Wyoming, you can find bison, elk, deer, rabbits, horses, dogs, cats, several kinds of birds, snakes, spiders, and many, many more critters.

Do snakes eat starlings?

Snakes eat many birds, including starlings.

What kind of snake eats birds?

Many snakes will take birds. The most notorious are the rat snakes, which will feed on nestlings and eggs.

How many legs a snake has?

snakes have no feet at all

What kind animals do raccoons eat?

Raccoons eat many insects, earthworms, grubs, crayfish, small mammals such as mice and young rabbits, fish, snakes, lizards, frogs, nestling birds, etc.

How many legs does a partridge have?

Like all birds, they have two legs.

At the fair the chickens and the rabbits were placed under the same tent. The chickens and the rabbits have a total of 360 legs. If there were 105 animals how many were rabbits?

I believe it's 75 rabbits. There are 105 animals. There are 75 x 4(rabbit legs) = 300 legs and 30 x 2(chicken legs) = 60 legs, which totals 360 legs. The 75 rabbits plus 30 chickens equals 105 animals.

How many legs do emus have?

Like all birds, emus have two legs.

How many legs does worm has?

none the slither like snakes

How many legs does a snake with 4 legs have?

Well, considering the fact that snakes don't actually have legs that would be hard to say, they slither on the ground, they have no spine so this is actually possibly snakes ...they don't have legs :O )

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