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If you had to go to a funeral for someone you loved is it normal to want to see them alone to say your goodbyes and for the deceased to say their goodbyes and that they love you?


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Yes it is normal and it's done all the time. It doesn't matter what other people think. Some people think you are born, live, die and that's it. For many of us we know that there are things we may never understand after the death of a loved one. You most certainly can go and see the person you love and sit as long as you like and talk to them on a normal basis (as if they were right there with you) and who is to say or can prove that person isn't right there spiritually with you. If you have always treated that person with love and kindness (no relationship is a perfect one) then you can be rest assured that you need not worry if they love you or not.

My husband and I believe that when a person is buried you pay your respects, but we don't believe the spirit is there and that only the shell of that person lies beneath the ground. Some people believe in cremation and to my husband and I that makes more sense because in The Bible it says "Ashes to ashes and dust to dust." However, because that is our belief doesn't make it so. We visit his parents grave site for the first year and we only go up once a year now to be sure the grounds around the site are kept tidy and we clean the stone (out of respect.) There was one year I saw a lonely old man sitting on a lawn chair staring down at a marble plaque. I was curious so I slowly and quietly went closer, just enough where I could hear him. What I heard broke my heart and this was the conversation: "Hi Martha, you know I love you girl. I miss you every day and I am going to live for the both of us and keep myself busy, but honey, I count the days until I can be with you." Tears streamed down my face but I realized that when younger I feared death and by getting to know older people and experiencing more of death it wasn't such a terrible thing. This old man had great knowledge and I was listening! There IS more to life after death. So my dear, feel free to believe what you want and I side with you on the fact that yes indeed your loved ones love you and they hear you. Go have a visit and talk to them as if they were sitting there and let your heart just pour out your feelings. It's called "grieving."

I would also like to add that many people have experienced a loved one coming to them in a dream or actually standing close to them. I remember seeing a story on TV that a young woman with 3 children had her mother living with her. Her mother unfortunately passed away. Shortly after the young woman was in a deep sleep and she heard her mother's voice calling out her name. Being sleepy and not fully awake she never thought that her mother had passed away and how could this be. She cleared her head and there at the foot of her bed was her mother standing there and the message was, "The apartment building is on fire ... get yourself and the children out!" Her mother had saved her life and that of her children. Some people will poo-poo this as imagination and the smoke or heat of the fire woke her, but those people never keep an open mind into the unexpected of life after death. To say you have all the answers as to what has happened after death is simply a ridiculous and ignorant thing to say.

AnswerIf the dead body talked to you, you've got a big problem. If you talked to the deceased in your mind (so to speak) then your OK. AnswerWe are talking about the soul (spirit) here and not the phsycial body.

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Death and funerals are very stressful for most of us, and it's not unusual to hear, see, or say things that may seem inappropriate. It's probably best to give folks a "pass" under these circumstances.


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This dream represents a normal function of dreams in the grief process. The subconscious mind is assuring oneself that the deceased is no longer suffering in any way.

probably just that you loved her and miss her. Dreams are a normal part of the grieving process, often representing continuing love for the deceased.

If you meant "ex-boyfriend, who is now deceased", then it's fairly normal to have dreams about people you cared about who have passed away.

you miss him Dreams of a person who had died are a normal part of the grief process. Grief and the associated dreams can persist for a number of years after the loss, particularly when the deceased is someone as close as a parent. Dreams of the deceased can provide comfort as well as acceptance of the finality of death.

Dreams of the deceased loved one are a normal part of the grieving process. They express the mind's struggle to accept the loved one's absence.

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Not dreaming of someone who has died has no meaning. Although some people dream of deceased loved ones, many other people never have such dreams. Normal grief may or may not include dreams. it means they are in heaven in waching over you

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It is quite natural to dream of someone who has recently died. These dreams are part of the normal grieving process. The subconscious mind can struggle with the reality and permanence of death, and so creates dreams that explain the absence of the deceased or that simply deny their death. This seems to be a dream of that sort. It expresses the dreamer's grief, and provides no supernatural information about the deceased. ... Alternatively, if the dreamer is a person of faith or knew that the deceased had strong faith, the dream is an expression of confidence in the continuation of life beyond physical death.

In my experience a funeral service, as in a funeral talk, can usually take place at the local Kingdom Hall but can also take place in a rented hall. Burial or cremation takes place in the normal locations, i.e. cemeteries and crematoria.

It just means you miss a loved one of someone you know has died. The question is difficult because there are too many possibilities. "A dead person" might be a historic individual, a deceased celebrity, an anonymous decrepit corpse, or a recently deceased loved one. Generally speaking, dreams of the deceased are a normal part of the grieving process. See the attached webpage below for more examples and discussion of similar dreams.

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It means that you were only partially awake when you thought that you saw the deceased person. This is a very common phenomenon; part of your mind begins to awaken, but the images of your dreams continue to appear, giving the impression of being awake and seeing something or someone that is not actually real. If the deceased was a close relative or friend, you may be experiencing more intense grief than you realize. In this case, your mind may be struggling to cope with your suppressed emotions by dreaming of the deceased. This is a natural and healthy function of dreams, and a normal part of the mourning process.

Depending on which country you are in as each have their own customs for preparing the deceased, here in the UK the normal procedure is to embalm the deceased. This is a procedure that is carried out to ensure that the deceased not only is able to be viewed in the chapel of rest in a peaceful state but also to protect all those who handle/come into contact with the deceased. Death seldom is aesthetically pleasing as many changes occur within the body after the person has passed away, for instance the pain exhibited on their face or their eyes or mouth being open. Embalming is carried out so that after the preparation the person looks as if he/she is at peace thereby giving the bereaved a final memory of their loved one being at rest with all anguish/pain removed. Embalming in the UK is carried out not only on people that will be cremated but approximately 75% of the population or more depending on the area, Funeral Director & many other factors. See related link for further information.

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