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Too late. This is birth control. Not an abortifacient.

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Q: If you had unprotected sex for 5 days then took the depo can you get prgnant?
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Ok you just recently switched from yaz bc to depo but the day before you got the depo you still took your pill About 30 hours after the shot you had unprotected sex Could you be pregnant?

If you didn't miss any pills, you had nonstop protection.

What happens if you only took the shot once and now your three months are up and you have been having unprotected sex?

If you're having sex after Depo Provera was due, you could get pregnant.

Can i be prenant. i have been on depo for about a year now and me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex all the time. i feel sick alot. i took a test and it said negitave did i use it to early?

You are pregnant. Seek abortion clinic immediately.

Does taking primolut n while on Depo-Provera have any affect on the depo's ability to prevent pregnancy?

hi i am brestfeeding and i also had unprotected sex with my husband a few days before my preiod about 3 days to 4 days past and i din't see my period so i bought primolut n and took 3 at the same time hoping it would prevent and pregnancy. how effective would it be and should i breast feed still now that i tuk the pills. and i am having chest pains about 4 to 5 hours after taking the pills. did i do an over dose and what are the effects?

If you missed pills the week you was most fertile but then took them the next day and had unprotected sex all of those days. Could you be pregnant?


Got the Depo shot five days BEFORE my expected periodand never got a period. 2 or so weeks later I had a condom brake.i took plan B to be safe. chance that Im prego still no period2monthsstress?

most likely you are NOT pregnant because you got depo but check a pregnancy test to be sure. in case you were pregnant BEFORE the depo?

On nuvaring for few months Took ring out 2 days early Got period put ring back in 7 days from it being out Had unprotected sex in first 9 days of cycle chances of being pregnant?

Did Ellen Foster write this?

What kind of punishment can someone get that took depo shot knew they were pregnant?

There is no danger to the pregnancy if a women uses Depo Provera while pregnant. No punishment is necessary.

Does Depo protect you completely through the thirteen weeks?

Depo is SUPPOSED to protect you for the full 13 weeks, but I got pregnant with twins in my eighth week after I took the shot.

After birth of your son you started taking a white contraceptive and have not had a period for 1 year you missed a week of the pill and then took it again for 2 days and had sex could you be pregnant?

Yes you could be pregnant. Because you didn't take the pill for a week means that you were unprotected and still are even though you took it again for two days. You were still unprotected and you should immediately take a pregnancy test to make sure you aren't pregnant. If you are go to your doctor immediately.

Can you get pregnant if you are on the pill for the first time and took it for two days then had unprotected sex for 5 min then a condom on the whole time?

yes. if any of his pre-cum got inside you, you could be pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you took the morning after pill a month ago and your period is late plus had unprotected sex during that time?

Yes, if you had unprotected sex, you could be pregnant.