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Yes! The sad truth is that once you have one semester of college course work completed your high school grades and test scores are no longer a consideration. University administrators only care if you are able to do the course work. Which tells them more about your abilities??? high school work or college work? Personally I didn't learn anything in high school and didn't even graduate at the top half of my class and it hasn't hindered me at all. If you don't get into the university/college you want the first year just "bloom where you are planted" and then you can transfer later. Transfer students have it a lot easier than first time freshman's trying to compete with every other applicant. My advice, don't even stress about it.

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Q: If you have 2.6 GPA as of your junior year but a 3.4 GPA for your senior year and do well on your SATs can you get into a good college?
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You got bad grades in 9th grade if you do good your sophomore junior and senior year could you make it into an ivy league college?


Does when you take the SATS make any difference?

It shouldn't matter when you take the SATs. The best thing may be to take it in your sophomore year as a practice run, and then again in your junior or senior year. The pSATs aren't really a good practice test for them. if you take it to early colleges probably won't accept you

Can you transfer to a good college if you do bad in high school but do excellent your first year of college?

If you get good grades your junior and senior year some colleges may make an exception and let you attend there school.

Can you get into a good basketball college if you didnt play your junior year?

Depending on how good you play and how good your grades are. Freshmen, Sophmore, and Junior year are prep years for Senior. Realistically speaking senior year is the only one that matters. Play good enough that year colleges will scout you. But colleges also look for grades now more than they used too.

What are the release dates for Good Times - 1974 Junior the Senior 1-8?

Good Times - 1974 Junior the Senior 1-8 was released on: USA: 29 March 1974

Do you have to pass the SATs to go to college?

In order to be considered for a good college or university, you either have to do well on either the SATs or the ACTs.If you don't pass, you can take courses at a local community college to complete an Associate's Degree and often transfer into a better college without having SAT of ACT scores.

What is a good senior GPA to get to college?

2.5 or higher.

How can you get to varsity football your freshman year in high school?

You have to be the size of a junior/senior and you have to be really good.

If you got bad grades in the freshmen and sophomore year but you did good in your junior and senior year could you still get into USC?

it depends on your gpa, and the standards of the specific usc. plus, records show that this year is the hardest year to get into a good college. but good luck!

What is the number of college athletes that go pro for all sports?

In basketball usually they go in their freshman year if they are good but if not they wait until their senior year or just get a job. For football freshman if they are great but if they want to improve or want to graduate they wait until their junior or senior year. Baseball usually people don't go to college for baseball but if they do usually senior or freshman. I am not sure for any other sports.

Why is it good to read?

It is good to read because reading helps you increase your vocabulary and spelling abilities. These things can come in handy on SATs and ACT testing to get into college.

If you get A's and B's as a freshman and then you earn C's and D's sophomore year but you know you will have A's for junior and senior year is it a possibility to get into a good college?

If you were to take multiple extra curriculars and join athletic teams, then yes, it is possible.

Did OJ Simpson play junior college football?

Good question! I thought not, but found that he did play for one year (1965 - 1966) for City College of San Francisco. He was Junior College All-American running back.

Why would a college senior be interested in a college freshman or is it too good to be true?

When your in college it is a different time and different relationship circumstance than in highschool as those variations of senior and junior don't normally matter being that your older now and it is not looked down upon and more accepted in college. The segregations of ages as in highschool doesn't exist anymore. If you like him and he likes you then there should be nothing wrong with this as your both adults now and can make your own choices/decisions.

I am looking for a junior college with a track and field program?

There is a great website: National Junior College Athletic Association. The web address is: Click on "college tab" and select your sport and/or regional area. Good luck!

Will a D sophomore year in high school ruin your chances of getting into a good college?

No. If a person who had a D sophomore year turned around and excelled in their Junior and Senior year, they can get into a 'good' college. After that first year of college, the same person having done well academically can apply to other colleges that may be better. It is never too late to get a good education. lol a d

What is good inspirational speech during junior and senior promenade?

The junior and senior prom is very special to high school students. Many places do not do speeches, but if there is going to be a speech, it should include references to the students, how they are great students, how proud the faculty are, and how they hope they have a great time.

Which is better subject for junior college Science or Commerce?

science is good for becoming a scientist

Can a senior citizen attend college as an undergrad when she only has a GED?

Some colleges also offer certain courses free of charge to senior citizens as well. Yes a senior citizen can attend college as an undergrad with a GED. Good luck and go for it!!!!

If you got straight A's freshman and sophomore year but messed up junior year can you still get into a good college?

More info: I was in high level classes all 3 years (honors and AP) with almost straight a's (one b each year, but a for the final grade) freshman and sophomore year, but junior year I lost motivation. The final grades ranged from B-'s to A's with a B-ish average, but for quarter grades I got a few C's and one D+. Obviously I can't get into Ivy League, but if I get straight A's first semester of senior year, could I get into a good college like Carnegie Mellon? Or if not maybe Penn State Main Campus? I know junior year is the most important year for college- can I be saved? :( ---- Of course you still can get into a good college . . just make sure you study extra hard your senior . . just as you did your freshman and sophomore year . . and you should definetely get into a good college . . .

How do you become an NBA player?

Play in junior high and High school, get good grades to get in a good college, Try to make the college team, then enter the nba draft

Is 1790 a good SAT score for junior high school student?

SAT tests are important for getting into college. A SAT score of 1790 is a very good score for a junior high school student.

If you messed up your freshman and sophomore year can you still get into a university if you raise your GPA your junior and senior year?

Yes. Good luck and God Bless:)

How is a university different from a community college?

An University is an institution for higher learning with teaching and research facilities made up of a Graduate School and other Professional Schools that award Master's degrees and Doctorates and an Undergraduate division that awards Bachelor's degrees. Most Universities require four (4) years to attain a Bachelor's degree, an additional two (2) years to attain a Master's degree and another year ot two to attain a Doctorate. These time frames are general and can vary according to how many hours a student undertakes in each semester or quarter and the field of study in which they are enrolled. (I personally know one fellow who took ten (10) years to earn his Pharmacy degree which normally takes five (5) years to earn. Of course, after he earned that degree, he went into the insurance business. Go figure.) A Community/Junior College is an institution for higher learning that offers Associate's degrees. The general length of time to earn an Associate's degree is two (2) years. Some fields of study offered by Community/Junior Colleges can be completed in a year or less. Many, if not all, credits earned at a Community/Junior college may be transfered to a Senior College or an University. Note: Since good athletes are not necessarily good students, a current trend in College athletics is to have prospective football and basketball players who are academically ineligible to play for a College or University attend a Community/Junior College to bolster their GPA to the point that they can obtain admission to a Senior College or University. Some Community/Junior College football or basketball teams are capable of defeating Senior College or University teams although they do not actually play those teams.

You took the SAT and received an extremely bad grade and you will not be taking it again Can you still get into a good college?

I am not sure if you can get into a good college but you can surely get into a great junior college. If you have some kind of scholarship in sports, then you stand a chance to get into a nice college even with bad SAT scores!

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