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If you calibrate the scales so that the board weight is not counted (eg, set each scale to zero with the board in place), then the combined weight will be from 1.5 to almost double. This is because the board is rigid and the weight does not distribute exactly. Moving the weight towards one of the scales will make it become more accurate and the other will decrease slightly.

Imagine the board is laid down and one of the scales were removed. Placing the weight on the middle of the board while only one end of it is touching the scales won't report the correct weight because it is leaning away from the scales, thus most of the weight is transferred to the ground at the other end of the board. If you use another method, such as a lesser rigid material, ie. a net with the weight in place strung between 2 scales, then you may have a more accurate weight with the two values combined.

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No, having the board on the scales will distribute your weight unevenly, giving inaccurate readings. It's best to use the scales without any additional objects to ensure accurate measurements.

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Q: If you have 2 sets of identical scales and put a board on them to stand on then add the weights will this be accurate?
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