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Well, maybe. What is the current rating on the spa circuit? What is the current rating on the welder? If the welder is larger than the outlet, then no. It must be the other way around. If the current ratings are OK, then yes. Your welder doesn't need 110V so it doesn't connext to neutral. Connect the hot leads to hot and ground to ground.

2013-02-28 12:31:31
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How many hours does a welder work?

A welder works 40 hours to over time

Is a welder an inverter?

No. My cousin brother works in an inverter company as the MD. Welder is technically different term it does not convert form of electricity.

What is DC Ammeter and how does a ammeter work?

a dc ammeter is a ammeter which has three pins and it works by two wires.

How many hours does a welder work in a week?

That depends on the location, the project and the company a welder works for. It is safe to say that 40 hours a week is a good start.

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its part of the engine but works in conjunction with the PC board.

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They are a division of praxair. I have a mig 140 and it works great. Definitely worth the 300$ I spent

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What degree does a welder need?

One doesn't need a degree to become a welder. To be a certified welder , grade 12 high school will do. The math is an important part. The written tests contain quite a bit of math, example trigonometry, fractions, Pi, etc.. One must be able to calculate areas of shapes, add-subtract dimension's, everything to do with a three dimensional object / structure. Also having a working knowledge of the way the world works, or common sense. Usually gained through higher learning.

What is .xlr file extension?

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How much do welders earn in Washington monthly?

In the state of Washington, the average annual pay for a welder is $32,000. This works out to be $2,666. 67 per month.

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He was a redoubtable welder. That sentence works because the word means to be intimidating as an opponent during a specific task or job.

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Can you reapair a leak in the intercooler radiator?

Yes. A really good TIG welder can do this. Ask around at radiator shops. JB Weld never works on this kind of stuff.