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Don't count on it. Your 18 watt device should be matched with the proper AC adapter. You cannot rely on the device to resist and limit a supply voltage more than 50% beyond its rated capacity. You wouldn't try to run a 110 volt electric shaver from a 220 volt receptacle, would you? If you try to purchase a fixed or universal (adjustable voltage) adapter you must also be concerned to match the polarity where the two meet. Some electronic devices are sensitive to mismatched polarity and will fail. Your best bet is to contact the manufacturer of the device to purchase a replacement ac adapter.

outside of improper polarity (assuming dc here, ac doesn't matter), if the VOLTAGE OUTPUT of the adaptor matches the INPUT VOLTAGE of the device it is powering, all is ok. as long as the current (milliampre rating) of the adaptor is equal to or exceeds the current rating of the device, all is ok. wattage is equal to voltage X amperes ... hence one cannot use the wattage rating of an ac adaptor to determine if it is is correct to use on a given device.

Perhaps. If the two devices accept the same range of voltages, the polarity is correct (although AC circuits do not care about polarity, reversed polarity is a serious safety hazard), and the power adapter to be used can provide at least the amount of current required by the device in question, then yes.

If the adapter is not rated to sufficient current, the device may or may not function -- the current will still be provided, but the supply voltage will drop. The power supply will generate additional heat.

A voltage mismatch may destroy the device.

Mismatched polarity for a device requiring DC power will not work and may damage the device. Mismatched polarity for a device requiring AC power will work, but may present a shock hazard, as many cases are connected to the neutral wire. Reversing the polarity will cause the case to be wired to 120V.

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Q: If you have an ac adapter for a device that uses 30 watts can you use it on a device that uses 18 watts?
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The number of watts a radiator uses varies. The device will have a rating printed on it.

How many kilowatt hours does a tv use in an hour?

Examine your television set; somewhere at the back, you should see how much watts it uses. If it doesn't, look for volts and ampères, and multiply those to get watts. A kilowatt is 1000 watts; a device that uses 1000 watts will use 1 kWh per hour; one that uses 100 watts will use 0.1 kWh per hour, etc.

Can you use a 12V power adapter on a device that requires a 10v adapter?


Can you use a 65 watts appliance with a 90 watts adapter?

Yes, the adaptor can supply anything from zero up to 90 watts.

Can you use a 12V power adapter on a device that requires a 6v adapter?

No, the power adapter has to match the power requirement.

Can you use a 12V - 300mA adapter for a device that calls for a 12V 500mA adapter?


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The adapter is so that you can use the smaller MSD card in a device that fits the normal larger Memory Stick. You insert the MSD card into the adapter until it clicks, then plug the adapter into the reader or device that uses a Memory Stick. The card manufacturers don't sell/make the original Memory stick, so they provide for the people who still use such devices in this manner.

Can you use a 800ma adapter to power a 400ma device?

Yes, as long as the adapter voltage matches the devices requirement voltage. The capacity of the adapter is more that ample to run the device.

Can you use a 1A adapter instead of a 500mA adapter?

A one amp adapter is the same as a 1000 mA adapter. If your device requires 500 mA to operate then there is ample capacity in the adapter to operate a 500 mA device. Be sure to match the type of voltage AC or DC from the adapter to the driven device. Both have to be the same.

How many watts does a iPad use?

An ipad uses ten watts.

How many kilowatts does it take to run an Xbox?

It varies, depending on the model.According to the website * Xbox One uses 70-120 watts. * Xbox 360S uses 90 watts. * Xbox 360 original uses 180 watts. So, much less than one kilowatt, which means 1000 watts. If you want to convert the watts to kilowatts, you can divide the watts by 1000. You can also use the website mentioned, to figure out the actual money cost - which will depend not only on the power, but also on how long you use a device.

Can you use a 9v dc adapter for a device that calls for 12v dc adapter?

No, the voltage is too low.

Can you use 9V 500mA adapter for 9v 700mA 6.3VA device?

yes, if the other adapter is a va

Can you use a 3 amp adapter on 5 amp device?


Can you use a 3.7v ac adapter for a digital camera that recommends a 4.3v adapter?

NO! It will fry your device. Use same V and possibly higher amp rated adapter.

Can you use a 12V DC adapter for 5V DC device?

input voltage is strictly according to applications. If use 12V dc adapter power 5V dc device, the 5v dc device would be damaged.

Can you use a 12v 1500ma switching adapter on a device requiring 12v 3.0A?

No, if your device require 3.0A, 1500ma adapter which is 1.5A is not enough, voltage wise is fine, your adapter adapter will get warm, then overheat, then very likely fail.

Can you use a 9V 100mA adapter on a 9V 500mA device?

No, the 100mA adapter is too small. The adapter that can be used has to be at least 500mA or larger.

How many watts does an imac use?

When running and not in sleep mode the 21.5" iMac uses 205 watts of power. The 27" iMac uses 310 watts. In sleep mode they each use around 2 watts.

Can you use a 9v dc 210mA adapter on a 12v dc 150mA device?

No, if the device requires 12 VDC then no substitute adapter of a different voltage will work.

Can you use a 9V 300ma adapter to power a 6V 800ma device?

No, the power adapter has to match the power requirement.

How many watts does an average washer use?

an average washer uses around 850 watts some expensive ones uses around 1000 watts

Do you have to use a transformer if your device have 900 Watts 220 V and 60 Hz with 7.5 amps?

If your device uses 900 Watts at 7.5 Amps, then it requires 120 volts. If you want to use it where the supplied current is 220 volts, then you'll need a transformer - but only if the device can operate on 50 Hz. Most places that use 220 Volts supply it at 50 Hz. If your device says it can operate on 50 Hz you can use a transformer.

Can you use a 9v 700ma ac adapter instead of a 9v 800ma ac adapter?

If the device that you are plugging into the 700 mA adapter draws 700 mA or less then it can be used. The mA capacity of the adapter is the maximum output that the adapter can safely supply to the plug in devices. If your plug in device needs 800 mA to operate or charge then you can not use the 700 mA adapter.

How many watts does an average dishwasher use?

An average dishwasher uses about 1,200 watts.