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Q: If you have been given an orange liquid and told to describe its properties. what methods would you use to observemeasureand describe the physicalproperties of this liquid without changing it?
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What properties are used to describe matter?

Chemical Properties Physical Properties Etc.

Do these four properties describe an acid or a base?

Neither, there are no associated properties.

Is something that reacts with acid a chemical or physical property?

If something reacts with acid it is a chemical property.

How can you measure and describe the properties of matter?


What are Properties that describe the appearance of matter?

The properties that describe the appearance of matter are: 1.solid,liquid and gas 2.shape and volume.

Properties that describe the appearance of matter are known as?


Which properties describe a rectangular pyramid?

it has ;sjfdakkkghqa

Can you describe an object without it's properties?


What physical properties describe a book?

it is mass

You can describe an object without using its properties?

no you can not

What type of properties describe how one material acts on other materials?

Chemical Properties.

How physical properties and chemical properties are the same?

They both describe substances