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explain why you weren't working

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What do you put on your resume when you took a couple years off of the work force to raise a child?

When you took a couple of years off from the work force to raise a child, include this on your resume. List the years under work experience if you have ordered the list by year. This ensures the potential employer will know this gap of time was not spent frivolously.

I processed mail how can I put that on my resume?

Processing mail is a form of clerical work, which is how I would describe it on a resume.

What do you put on qualifications on a resume?

work history, tasks that applied to those jobs

What are work related skills for cashiers to put on resume?

Writing a resume is one of the most crucial steps in a job search process. These days, a resume is like a self-advertisement and obviously the one who markets himself the best gets ahead in the race for employment. So what are the good skills to put on a resume?

What is the heading that you put on email when you send a resume?


What do you put in a resume envelope?

resume and cover letter.

Should you put periods on your resume when describing past work related tasks and duties?


What are five good skills to put on a resume?

Listening,following directions,good work habits,

What kind of experience should one put on an executive assistant resume?

Any work experience or academic experience is suitable for an executive assistant resume. Much of the experience depends on what type of company one is applying for, and therefore can vary from resume to resume.

Where do you put your letter recommendation letter on the resume?

at the bottom part of your resume or you can put it on the footer part.

If only work for 2 weeks can you write it on your resume?

Yes, just put the date or month & year of the hire and then put " to present"

Should you put your grades in your resume?

No, as this is not a factor in writing your resume

How do you use a reference on a resume?

you put it last on your resume. or u can just put "references upon request".

What to put on a resume headline for warehouse and maintenance?

strengths to put in a resume for a warehouse position

What do you put on a resume if you are unexperienced?

Volunteer work, clubs and internships can help bolster a resume that is lacking in work experience, especially for recent graduates. Include what responsibilities you had and how long you (have) had them, as well as any major events you had a hand in organising or doing.

What looks better on a high school resume volunteering or working?

You can't really put one over the other. If you did, you might say working is more important, but there is more to it than that. With a resume you put on it what you have done. So if you've worked and you've been a volunteer, then you put on both things. Your work experience would always come first when laying out the resume. If you are not applying for a job, but just creating resume, you would still put the work experience first and the volunteering later in the resume. If you are applying for a job and the volunteering was closer to the kind of job you are applying for than the work you've done, then it increases the significance of the volunteering. So what you are applying for is a factor. In the exact same resume, for a different kind of job, the volunteering might not be as important. If the kind of work you've done is close to the kind of job you are applying for, then it increases its significance. If you had worked and volunteered in the same kind of thing as the job you are applying for is, the employer will look at the work as being more important than the volunteering, but they would see the volunteering as being important too.

How do you enter references for job application?

The job application should have an area where they request for your references. If not then they don't want them. If you are filling out your resume then only put long term, job relevant work on the resume.

What should you put on your resume for Burger King?

i have been working since august at a small restaurant that only serves falafel. but i was searching for jobs and a burger king by my house is hiring but i need to submit a resume and i do not know what to put burger king.

Did not graduate Should you put it on your resume?


What companies to put on your resume?


How do you put cum laude on resume?

You typically include that in an awards and honors section on the resume.

How can I put my resume in my computer?

In order to put your resume on your computer you will need a word processing program like LibreOffice, or Microsft Word. You will have to type it manually. There is another method of inputing your resume on your computer. By scanning your resume via a scanner, you will have a picture of your resume, however, you won't be able to edit it if you need to.

What do you put on your resume under education if you have not had a formal education?

If you have no education past high school, and you are more than two years out of high school, don't put an Education heading on your resume. The purpose of a resume is to highlight the best things about yourself. If you have an excellent work history or high specialized skills, put more attention on those. If you have no experience with something, don't put it on the resume, and don't bring it up unless they ask you specifically. Also if you've taken any classes or seminars after graduating high school that you've completed you can list those. Sometimes taking a word processing seminar or a seminar on a computer program can help you demonstrate that you have a special skill.

Is it necessary to give a title to your resume?

You do not need to have a Title for your resume. Simply put your name and address at the top of the resume and list your qualifications below that.

Should you put schools on your resume that you did not graduate from?

If you have a college degree, you can list just the high school and college you graduated, on your resume. When you fill out an application for employment, you should list your high school and all college work.