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explain why you weren't working

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Q: If you have been out of work for 10 years what do you put on your resume?
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I processed mail how can I put that on my resume?

Processing mail is a form of clerical work, which is how I would describe it on a resume.

What do you put on your resume when you took a couple years off of the work force to raise a child?

When you took a couple of years off from the work force to raise a child, include this on your resume. List the years under work experience if you have ordered the list by year. This ensures the potential employer will know this gap of time was not spent frivolously.

What do you put on qualifications on a resume?

work history, tasks that applied to those jobs

What is the heading that you put on email when you send a resume?


What do you put in a resume envelope?

resume and cover letter.

Should you put periods on your resume when describing past work related tasks and duties?


What are five good skills to put on a resume?

Listening,following directions,good work habits,

What are work related skills for cashiers to put on resume?

Writing a resume is one of the most crucial steps in a job search process. These days, a resume is like a self-advertisement and obviously the one who markets himself the best gets ahead in the race for employment. So what are the good skills to put on a resume?

Should you put your grades in your resume?

No, as this is not a factor in writing your resume

Where do you put your letter recommendation letter on the resume?

at the bottom part of your resume or you can put it on the footer part.

If only work for 2 weeks can you write it on your resume?

Yes, just put the date or month & year of the hire and then put " to present"

What kind of experience should one put on an executive assistant resume?

Any work experience or academic experience is suitable for an executive assistant resume. Much of the experience depends on what type of company one is applying for, and therefore can vary from resume to resume.

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