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The defendant debtor can negotiate with the plaintiff creditor up until the time the judge awards a judgment for the debt owed, and sometimes after a judgment has been handed down. Often the presiding judge will request the two parties meet with an indpendent mediator to attempt to settle the issue without it being necessary for the court to make a decision. A judgment is issued after the case has been heard. If the debtor has already received a notice of final judgment that would indicate that the plaintiff creditor has won the case and can execute the judgment in the time and in the way the laws of the state allows. It is in the best interest of the judgment debtor to try and reach a settlement with the judgment creditor. Some creditors will negotiate for a lesser amount even after a judgment award just to have the matter finished, but many will not if they believe they can collect a larger amount by letting the judgment stand. Judgments can be valid 5 to 20 years and many are renewable, they will continue to accrue interest until they are paid or settled and the debtor can end up owing considerably more then the original debt.

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Q: If you have been served notice of a judgment against you can the judgment be dismissed or is it too late?
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What if someone is trying to get a judgment against you and you did not show up for court?

It depends on the reason you did not show up. If you received notice and didn't appear, the court will issue a default judgment against you. If you had no notice and the court has no proof of service then you may be able to file a motion to vacate due to your not being served a summons.

Does the collection agency or the court notify you when a judgment is placed against you?

The defendant debtor will receive a notice of final judgment from the court where the suit was heard and a judgment was awarded. The notification may be served by an officer of the court or independent agency or it may arrive by certified mail.

Do you get a court order letter if you get a judgment against you?

You will be served with a court order if there is a judgment against you. But long before that you would have been notified of the court proceeding.

Do you get notice if a lien has been placed on your home?

Yes. You should be served with notice.Yes. You should be served with notice.Yes. You should be served with notice.Yes. You should be served with notice.

Can attempted assault be dismissed after probation is served?


Can a judgment be filed against a person without going to court?

A judgment cannot be entered against anyone until due process of law has been followed. The person (plaintiff) seeking restitution must file a lawsuit in the appropriate state court. The person sued (defendant) is then served a summons to appear on the date noted to answer the suit. If the plaintiff does not appear the case is dismissed. If the defendent does not appear the usual procedure is for a default judgment to be entered into the court record in favor of the plaintiff.

Can a collection agency in Texas garnish my checking account?

Only if it has gone to court, served you with the complaint and gotten a judgment against you. If it has gotten the judgment, the agency must still make application through the courts to get the wage garnishment. The garnishment cannot begin until you have been given notice of the request and a chance to object to it.

In Missouri do the courts notify you when a creditor sues you for payment?

No, the creditor does by having you served. You may be served in person by a process server. If this is not possible. you may be served by certified mail. If you refuse to accept the mail. The creditor can have you served by public notice, often in the local newspaper. If you do not happen to get the paper, or do not see the notice, too bad. It is a legal form of service, and the creditor will receive a default judgment when you do not show for the court date.

Can a judgment be filed on you without you going to court?

Yes, if you are served with the summons and complaint and do not file an answer denying the allegations and fail to go to court, plaintiff will be given a chance to prove that a judgment by default should be entered against you. If the proof is adequate, the court will enter judgment against you even though you haven't gone to court.

What happens after you get served with a notice of intention to terminate lease?

You are given the allotted amount of time given on the notice to vacate the premises. If you do not vacate the premises then the landlord can start eviction proceedings against you.

What do you do when a judgment is served on you?

You either pay or appeal. If there is really a judgment then you have already lost the court case.

Tenant choice when served with one month notice?

Move, or ignore the notice and be evicted.

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