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If you have been on them for at least a month, you are safe. It doesn't matter what day of the pill pack you have sex. And as long as you are taking them correctly, they are about 95% or more affective against pregnancy. A condom just adds more protection and protects you from sexually passed diseases and the pill doesn't. So, your chances are very slim.

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Q: If you have been taking your birth control pills right and on the first day of the new pack you had sex and he ejaculated in you without the use of a condom what are the chances of becoming pregnant?
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Do your chances of becoming pregnant increase a week into birth control?

No, birth control decreases your risk of getting pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if your on birth control and he ejaculated in a condom?

Yes you can, but the chances of you becoming pregnant while taking the pill and using a condom is very small. All birth control is only about 99% effect. As long as you use it right and take you pills right you should be fine.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant when you used a condom that didn't break?

If the condom was placed correctly and did not break, the chances of becoming pregnant is highly unlikely. Still, I must say that any form of birth control - outside of abstinence - is never 100% effective.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant if the condom came off inside of you after the male ejaculated during sex and you had to manually take the condom out and what do you do to prevent pregnancy?

yes you can become pregant but it is a slim chance best way to find out is take a test but to prevent it is take birth control

Can antibiotics increase your chance of conceiving?

If one is on birth control antibiotics make them less effective thus increasing your chances of becoming pregnant.

Do the chances of becoming pregnant decrease with the hormone IUD?

the hormone IUD is a popular form of birth control, so I would assume so.

What if a boy ejaculated in you while you are on the birth control shot?

Birth control shots (if administered by a qualified medical practitioner) are designed to reduce the chance of you becoming pregnant. However, no form of contraception should be taken to be 100% effective so there is still a chance of you becoming pregnant. To make things even more safe and to reduce the chances of you picking up a sexually transmitted disease it is always advisable to ask the man to wear a condom as well as any other contraception you may be using.

What if you miss two sugar pills?

Missing any or all of the sugar pills will not affect the effectiveness of your birth control, nor will it affect your chances of becoming pregnant.

What are the benefits of birth control?

They may stop you from becoming pregnant or control when you do.

Can birth control increase your chances of becoming pregnant?

I've seen this question around and I have already answered it once today and I wonder where this comes from. Of course birth control does not make it easier to get pregnant! Birth control prevents ovulation and you can not get pregnant without a egg. in order to get pregnant you have to quit using any type of birth control. And yes, birth control is not 100% effective but not using it is 0% effective. It never helps you getpregnant!

Can i be pregnant if i had just started birth control in August 2007 and then didnt take birth control at all for the month of September 2007 and my partner ejaculated inside of me could i be pregnant?


Who is in danger of becoming pregnant?

Anyone who has unprotected sex is "at risk" of becoming pregnant. Use a condom, spermicide, or birth control.

Can you get pregnant on birth control without penetration and the guy released outside on my leg?

The chances are slim but birth control can never be 100 percent trusted especially if you are new to it. Chances are your not pregnant.

Can you get pregnant on your week off from birth control?

yes you can anytime you stop taking your birth control you are increasing your chances to get pregnant. And also to you can get pregnant while on birth control sometimes

Are the chances to get pregnant higher when you just got off the pill?

no. the chances of you getting pregnant are the same as if you hadn't taken birth control in months.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you are 3 weeks late and being sick every morning but your partner didn't ejaculate?

The chances are viable that you could be pregnant. Pre-ejaculation, which your partner can't control, contains sperm. Also, even a male can't say for sure whether he ejaculated a little. Protection is necessaary. Your chances for a sexually transmitted disease also rise vastly when you refuse to use protection.

I have been off the depo provera shot for 13 months and my periods are regular can you get pregnant now?

Yes you will have great chances of becoming pregnant now. It usually takes 3-7 days after stopping birth control to be able to become pregnant.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant if your bf ejaculated in you on ovulation day but used pull out method the day before?

There's a chance. There's a 20-25% chance of pregnancy when you have unprotected sex around ovulation time. Also, the pullout method isn't a form of birth control, two of my friends have there daughters from the pull out method. If you don't get your period you should test.

What is the purpose of birth control?

To prevent women from becoming pregnant when they do not want to be prevents you from getting pregnant

Why do you need to be on the birth control pill?

It lessens the chances of becoming pregnant if you're having sex. It can also regulate your hormones. Some doctors recommend the pill to older teens.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you are using condom and withdrawal?

If you're not using birth control, the chances are higher!

Can you get pregnant as soon as you get off your period while also using a condom?

Yes.everytime u have sex you are at a risk of pregnancy.the only way to not get pregnant is to practice abstinence.but using a condo and other birth control methods reduce the chances of actually becoming pregnant .

What are the chance of becoming pregnant if you have been on the pill for 5 years and your partner ejacutated in you only one time?

As long as you take your birth control every day at the same time you are more than 99.99% protected from pregnancy. Whether your partner ejaculated in you 1 or more times you will not become pregnant.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant the first week of starting the birth control pill on a Sunday start and not using a backup method?

You have the same chance to get pregnant as if you haven't been using any birth control. You have to take them for a specified time before you can have unprotected sex. See your healthcare provider.

Can taking birth control symptoms be cofused with miscarriage?

birth control increases your chances of not getting pregnant