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In my personal opinion the best eye color shades would be dark browns and cream colors. Brush a charcoal color over the lid and place a small amount under the eye. Then brush a cream color beneath the brow and blend it in to the charcoal color Then apply eyeliner and mascara.

Definitely cremes and peaches. they neutralise the gray and make your eyes greener.

I also have green eyes and dark brown hair, I think a thin eye liner on top lashes with a great mascara just on the top lashes and a little blush with natural shade lip color will look great. People should second guess themselves as to if you are or aren't wearing make-up. It would've been better if you told us your skin color. My skin color is olive. But either way I think natural looking make up works best. Nothing overdone.

Light, creamy, sparkly, and glittery make-up would look cute on you. If you wanna go "Glitzy and Fabulous", creamy and slightly glittery red would look nice as your eye shadow, and light pink as your blush. Top it off with a few swipes of red glitter gloss. After that, don't forget our good ol' friends, mascara and eye lash curler. Look at the mirror and what do you see? A fabulous girl staring straight back at you.

If you want to go "Light and Simple", it would be nice to brush some light red eye shadow on and puff some reddish-pinkish light blush on your cheeks. And now for the finale:red lipstick and gloss. A simple yet adorable look!

The key here, to me at least, is "bright red dress." Bright red dresses look best with bright red lipstick. You should wear your usual foundation, concealer and powder. a moderate amount of blush, and neutral eye makeup--beige shadow on your lids, medium brown in your creases, a little bit of eyeliner and some mascara are all you really want to do.

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Q: If you have dark brown hair and gray-green eyes and if you are wearing a bright red dress what are some good eye makeup shades?
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