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If you have different fathers, you may be related if you share some other ancestor, such as a mother, a grandparent, great grandparent, etc.

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Q: If you have different fathers are you related?
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Is Carrie Underwood related to Miranda Lambert?

Yes they are they were born by different fathers but aee still related

Is kylie and kendall Jenner related to Kim Kardashian?

Yes, they have the same mother, but different fathers.

How is your fathers fathers brothers sons daughter related to you?

your 5th cousin

Is your fathers son from a previous marriage related to you?


How were the beach boys related?

Fathers and Sons

What is related on the fathers side called?


Why is the term 'Fathers of Confederation' confusing?

It is confusing because there were two different "Fathers of Confederation". The first fathers were the fathers who attended the three meetings. The second fathers were the fathers who entered confederation later.

How is Neji related to Hinata?

Through their fathers, Neji and Hinata's fathers are twin brothers. Making Neji and Hinata cousins.

What is the problem with a woman who continues to have children by different fathers?

All of your children will have different fathers and they will only be half sisters its really not right to have babies with a bunch of different guys.

Who are the fathers of faith?

The fathers of faith will vary depending on the related religion and culture. For example, in Greece, the fathers of faith include: Clement of Rome, Irenaeus of Lyons and, Clement of Alexandria.

Are David Margulies and Julianna Margulies related?

They may be distant relatives, but they are not brother and sister (different mothers and fathers) or husband and wife (She is married to Keith Lieberthal).

How is Loretta Young related to Brigham Young?

Its possible that they were distantly related but not threw a Young line. Young was her fathers step-fathers last name. Her grandmother married him after Lorettas father was born.

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