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== NADA Blue Book Guide== Go to the NADA book to determine the retail value of your vehicle. This is about all you can expect to receive. You can go to and get the low retail value of your car. Ask the payoff amount on the car. The difference is about what you will have to work with. I think there are two parts to your question. First is the value. In a perfect world you should get enough money to replace the car with a similar one without paying any more than you get from the insurance company. Very often you will get something less. You can dispute the claim amount if you think it is too low, but you must have some basis for your amount. Low settlement amounts are common when a car has unusually low mileage, is in especially good condition, or has had restoration work done to it. In addition to the source above, look in your local papers and see whether you can substantiate a higher price. The second part is your loan balance, which remains your obligation regardless of the payoff amount on the claim. Let's say you put $4,000 down on a $20,000 vehicle that you wreck six months later. If you still owe, say, $15,000 on the vehicle and the book value is, say, $17,000, then the finance company gets 15 thousand and you are left with just two thousand. Things get really crappy when the book value of the car is less than what's owed on the loan. In that situation, you are on the hook for the difference. So, not only will you not have money to buy another vehicle, you are now in the hole. The insurance company will pay the Blue Book trade-in value less your deductible. Since the bank has a lien, they will get their share first and quite often that leaves the owner with little, nothing, or still owing the bank. And, of course you will pay Blue Book retail for the replacement. The chances of even getting enough for a downpayment that will allow you to finance the same amount you owed on the old car are slim.

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If my car is financed and i have insurance money coming can they take the money?

There is not enough information to make that determination. You have insurance money coming from what? Are you late on your loan payments? Do you have comprehensive and collision coverage? Please provide as much information as possible.

Is boat insurance coverage worth the money?

Yes, boat insurance coverage is worth the money- especially if you might happen to own a boat or are thinking of purchasing one in the near future. Contact your insurance company to learn more.

What are Small amounts of money for incidental expenses?

umm i think it is insurance coverage

Does home owners insurance cover money stolen from a school PTO?

No, It is the schools choice to obtain coverage for losses from theft on school property or not. Your homeowners insurance would not cover the losses of another party.

How does the insurance industry work?

Insurance works by collecting premiums from people who need to have coverage. This money is then paid out to people who have losses.

What are the pros and cons of having discount auto insurance?

A obvious pro of having 'discount car insurance' is that it is discounted and you don't have to pay as much money. A con is that because it is 'discounted' you normally do not get as good of coverage normally just the state minimums and if you are negligent and cause a serious accident you may not have enough coverage.

What could be a result in receiving a discount on your insurance premium?

A. You pay less money for insurance coverage B. You are less likely to change insurance companies

Average auto insurance rate for a sixteen year old in MI?

There are lots of people having the same question like you and yours is just another one. Basically speaking about car insurance Car insurance is the most widely purchased type of insurance coverage. Car insurance is designed to protect you, your family, and your automobile. Cheap car insurance is a popular avenue these days, but you should be sure that you're getting all of the coverage you need, as damage to your car or another person's car may cost you money out-of-pocket if you don't have sufficient coverage and your car insurance rate may go up.

What is Classic auto insurance?

There are lots of people having the same question like you and yours is just another one. Basically speaking about car insurance Car insurance is the most widely purchased type of insurance coverage. Car insurance is designed to protect you, your family, and your automobile. You may get your query answered here, Cheap car insurance is a popular avenue these days, but you should be sure that you're getting all of the coverage you need, as damage to your car or another person's car may cost you money out-of-pocket if you don't have sufficient coverage and your car insurance rate may go up.

What kind of insurance is Fortis temporary health insurance?

Fortis temporary health insurance is now called Assurant Health. It is health insurance intended to provide coverage to individuals who only need insurance for a short while and do not wish to pay a lot of money out of pocket for coverage, for example those between jobs.

How much money can you get from life insurance?

Depends on your coverage. The more coverage, the higher the premiums. You of course would not be alive when it pays out, so you would get nothing yourself.

How much money do you get if you get hit by a car?

this depends on your insurance coverage and other driver's insurance coverage.. some people have $15,000 limit to cover medical expense, and collison.. and some are higher.. asian623

What kind of insurance does express insurance offer?

Express Insurance offers nearly every type of insurance coverage including; auto, renter's, homeowner's, life, and umbrella which you can bundle into packages to save money.

What is is an auto insurance quote?

It is the price that the insurer charges in return for the provision of insurance coverage. The amount of the premium depends upon the nature and amount of the coverage provided and the risk factors presented by the proposed insured. Most state insurance regulators have authority to pass upon the reasonableness of the amounts charged and the classifications of risk. The regulator must reach a balance between the ability of the insurer to charge enough to remain solvent (have enough money to pay claims, overhead, and realize a profit).

If a company has purchased group life insurance for its employees and is then acquired by another company is the group life insurance policy still valid?

Yes, until renewal time. Rarely is there a problem with keeping the same coverage, because that is a big money make for insurance companies. (group life)

Does homeowners insurance cover personal items stored in a rented garage?

Yes. A homeowners policy provides the widest and most coverage for the money of any type of insurance there is. You have coverage for up to 10% of your coverage C limit off premises. This way you have coverage while in storage, on vacation, a child's property in their dormatory at college, etc.

My parked car has full coverage and was hit by an uninsured driver?

tell your insurance company and the police and your insurance company will pay everything except the deductible. If you have full coverage than your insurance is required to make good on the damage. It is up to your insurance company to try and get their money back from the uninsured driver of the other vehicle.

Canceled auto insurance and went with another policy Now original insurance company demanding proof of insurance with new company Is this demand legal?

Yes, If you have a lien holder (basically another insured) on your policy. The terms of your contract require the insurer to notify your lien holder 30 days prior to cancellation. If you show the company you have purchased replacement coverage, then they can expedite the cancellation of your policy helping you to avoid double coverage and paying twice during the coverage over lap with the new policy. Giving them a copy of your new policy, Saves "You" money.

Having a DUI and Getting Car Insurance?

Having a DUI can be a horrible experience, especially when it comes to your insurance. Unfortunately, many people who have ever had a DUI will pay hundreds of dollars more each year on their insurance coverage. Thankfully, there are many ways that you can easily save a lot of money on your premium even if you happen to have a bad driving record. By making use of these tips and ideas, you will find that you are able to save money when it comes to getting the insurance coverage that you need in order to legally operate a vehicle. Any driver should compare insurance providers before choosing just one of them. Even without a DUI, many insurance providers overcharge for their coverage. This is why it is a very good idea to shop around and to really compare different premiums before you actually sign any type of contract. This will thoroughly help if you are looking to save yourself or a family member a lot of money on their insurance every month. Do not hesitate to contact the provider directly to see how much you will be charged and what types of discounts they can apply to your coverage plan. Another wonderful way to save money on insurance is to take a driving course given to you by the local DMV. These courses will teach you everything you need to know when it comes to being a safe driver and avoiding another DUI charge. These courses can actually be used to lower insurance premiums if you would like to save yourself some money each month on your vehicle coverage. Be sure to contact the insurance provider to see how you should go about sending them the information if you have gone for one of these driving courses that was given out by the local DMV. Having a DUI on your record can be scary and it can run into a lot of money when it comes to insurance, but it doesn't have to be the end of the world. There are helpful ways that you can save yourself some money on the vehicle coverage that you happen to have. By avoiding another DUI and doing your best to improve your driving skills, you can easily lower your insurance by a decent amount of money each year no matter what provider you are currently with when it comes to the insurance you have.

What is the term used to describe the periodic amount of money the insurer pays to a health plan for insurance coverage?


Why is Auto Insurance Necessary?

Frequently, State law requires the maintence of certain types of auto insurance, such as certain levels of liability coverage. In other contexts, contracts require that coverage be maintained. An example of this is when money is loaned and the car serves as collateral, the lender will usually require physical damage coverage so as protect the value of the collateral.Car insurance provides financial protection in case you are involved in an auto accident. If an accident occurs, an auto insurance policy provides financial coverage to pay resulting vehicle damages, property damages, and/or medical costs. The amount of money the policy provides versus the amount of money you pay as premium will depend on the type of coverage purchased, the policy limits of each coverage, and the deductible (in the case of non-liability coverage, this is the amount that you pay out of pocket before the insurer's duty to pay is triggered).

How do you decide the amount of motorcycle insurance coverage you need?

Start with looking at what money you can budget toward insurance. You know for that you want basic liability and medical coverage. Additional coverage can reimburse you for your safety gear and accessories, protect against theft, and uninsured drivers. You can also talk to an agent who will work with you to make sure you don't get too much coverage.

Finding Insurance Coverage To Meet Your Needs?

The insurance coverage that you choose could greatly determine how much you are responsible for out of pocket should something happen to you, your home, or your car. You always want to find the happy medium between what is affordable and having enough coverage so that you aren't in a rough financial situation should something happen. One of the primary things that you need to look at is the deductible. This goes for your health insurance, car insurance or just about anything else. This is the money that you must pay out of pocket before insurance steps in to pay the rest. It is standard practice that the higher the deductible, the lower the insurance. This is because you are risking the idea that the likelihood of you needing the insurance is low. When it comes to life insurance, the coverage that you choose is what will provide your family the money that they need to continue their current level of living once you pass. While no one wants to consider their mortality, you do need to consider this. Not providing enough may save you money, but it won't help your family very much. All the coverage that you get from insurance is variable. The more coverage you want, the more that you will pay. Some people need more coverage than others. If you aren't sure what you need exactly, you may want to consider getting an insurance broker to help you with some of your decisions. They are free and get paid by the insurance company. The insurance broker may suggest higher coverage options for those who are over the age of 65. There is also the importance of those that are involved in dangerous professions to have higher coverage. The reason for this is because in both of these instances, the chances of something happening where insurance would come into affect are higher. The coverage premiums will vary from company to company, so you should ask at least three different companies for rates. If you are dealing with an insurance broker, they will do the comparison shopping for you. Ultimately, you need to get the coverage you need to cover you and your family so that you aren't paying a lot out of pocket in the event that you need to take advantage of your insurance company. Rates vary, so there is no reason to pay for the highest � just make sure you do your comparison shopping.

If someone without insurance is found at fault when they hit an insured driver how do you get payment?

You can do a couple of things. First, you can file a civil lawsuit against them. Sometimes you will get your money and sometimes you wont. Another thing you can do is check your policy or call your insurance company and see if you have uninsured coverage. If you do, you can get your own insurance to cover the damages.

If I allow another driver to hit my vehicle am I at fault?

If you allow another driver to hit your vehicle? If you then file an insurance claim you are guilty of insurance fraud. An intentional act is also excluded from coverage under your policy. You will likely receive no money for the claim, be charged with fraud, go to prison and pay a large fine.