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Q: If you increase the temperature of a liquid or gas a sound wave will travel?
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How many times sound travel faster in solid as compared to liquid?

It depends on the temperature, the elasticity, and the density.

Why does speed of sound depend on the temperature of a medium through which sound waves travel?

Speed of sound increases with the increase in temperature of the medium .In fact the speed of sound is directly proportional to the square root of absolute temp. of the medium.

Does sound travel in a liquid?

Yes sound can travel in liquid, its speed is lesser than that in solid and more than that of gas.

Does speed of sound increase with increase of temperature?


Does sound travel more quickly through a liquid or a solid?

A liquid

How fast will sound travel in liquid?

That actually varies, depending on the specific liquid.

What does sound have to have to travel?

A medium. Gas, liquid or solid. It can't travel in a vacuum.

Summarize the physical reasons that sound waves travel at different speeds through liquids and gases?

Sound waves travel fastest through solids, then liquids and gases. This is because sound waves requires medium in order to travel. Solid's particles are very tightly packed with each other thus sound gets more medium to travel faster. Liquid particles are less close to each other and gas is the least. Temperature also increases the speed of sound. higher the temperature, higher the speed of sound.

Where do sound waves travel through?

Sound waves travel through matter, whether solid, liquid, or gas. They do not travel through vacuum.

Is a sound travel ina vacue?

No, sound cannot travel in a vacuum. Sound moves by vibrating particles of a solid, liquid, or a gas. Since there are no particles in a vacuum, sound cannot travel through it.

Can sound waves travel without a meduim?

No. Sound waves must travel through a medium, such as air, liquid, or a solid.

At which temperature in water does sound travel the fastest?

Sound travels faster as temperature increases, so there is no limit. There is an equation to determine the speed of sound at a given temperature.