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No never because egg are only moving in vagina



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To make her pregnant you insert the penis in the vagina, the front. The back one is the same you have, the anus.

You get the penis erect and insert it into the anus.

You can not insert a bat into the anus.

You insert one penis or dildo in the anus and one in the vagina. Be careful and use lube.

no you can not. the anus does not lead to any reproductive organs

it depends on the anus and the penis

You are not able to get pregnant from the anus.

VERY-SLOWLY with plenty of slippery lubrication. Opposite of a vagina, the anus requires some time to get used to a penis. Usually it helps to insert a finger first and work up to 2-3 fingers before you attempt to insert a penis. The sphincter muscles have to relax first and open up or anal sex will be painful and not enjoyable. Taking your time helps your partner to accept a penis in the anus. Once the partner finds the experience enjoyable then it becomes easier the next time.

You put your penis in your partner's anus. Then you trust your penis in and out of the anus. Then you ejaculate.

You can not get pregnant from the anus.

A girl can not get pregnant through her anus.

take loads and loads and loads of Viagra... then just simply insert your penis up your me it works and it is so worth it

Putting the penis in the anus increase pleasure for both partners. Many females enjoy anus sex and and guys love giving it.

Men who started their lives as biological men can't get pregnant no matter what they do. They don't have the required body part.

I plastic band has many uses; tie up bundle of peubes, cut off the blood curculation in your penis, insert it into your anus.

The region between the penis and testicles and the anus is called the perineum. The distance between the base of the penis and anus is called the anogenital distance.

He field of science was the study of penis and anus. He look at different kinds of anus and penis

It's very rare for a man to be able to get his penis into his anus, but it is possible. It all depends on length and flexibility.

Sexual intercourse is when two or more males or females get aroused by the other and start to insert their penis in to the others vagina/anus or when two females scissor.

is there a special way to put a tampon in my anus

It is possible to get pregnant from both if the semen has trickled out from the anus and round to the vagina. If you don't want to get pregnant then you must take precautions such as contraception.

The Anus is the area where feaces leaves the body, The penis is just in front of it and is used for urinating with and sex or masturbation when it is erect

when a man puts his penis in another mans anus while having another mans penis in his anus (anal sex)

it is used to excrete and sometimes a penis can enter it, whether it be a man's anus or a woman's.

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