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Q: If you jump or hurdle in a flag football game you are what?
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Can tortoises jump?

turtle hurdle

How do you use the word hurdle in a sentence?

I jumped over the hurdle. The hurdle was to high for her to clear. Tony knocked over the hurdle because he didn't jump high enough. That enough? It's those things that people jump over during races for track & field.

How can hurdle be used in a sentence?

I dared my best friend to join the track team and jump over a HURDLE

What is a jump in athleties?

Isn't it a hurdle? If that's what you mean. .

What is a hink pink for a tortoise jump?

Turtle hurdle.

What are synonyms for the word jump?

bound leap hurdle

How do you hurdle a guy in football?

When you are approaching the defender, wait until the right distance and jump. If he is trained well, he will try to tackle low, and you should sail right over him.

How many hurdles would you jump in a 60 meter hurdle race?

10.The first hurdle is set 13 meters from the starting line. The next 9 are set 8.5 meters from each other. The finish line is 10.5 meters from the last hurdle.

In Zelda ocarina of time for the n64 how do you jump the bigger of the 2 hurdles to get your hourse?

to jump the bigger of the two hurdles position epona so that she is a ways away from the hurdle then run straight at the hurdle and use your carrots to speed up use at least three when you are nearing the hurdle when you are about to hit it epona will jump it.

What do hurdlers where?

Hurdlers hurdle on a track they jump over hurdles

Where do you put your horse when you jump a hurdle?

-Put your horse in the middle.

How do you spell herdel?

The likely word is hurdle (to jump, or an obstacle).