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That depends how far from Earth you start, and how fast you go.

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Q: If you jumped from space back to the earth how long would it take?
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How does observation helped you in predicting patterns?

You notice circumstances that are repeatable. If someone jumps in the air they come back to earth. As a child you will have noticed this and would have become confident that if you jumped in the air you would come back.

Is same-sex marriage legal in space?

No power on earth has claimed dominion of space, and as such, space is lawless. Nothing is technically illegal, nor is it legal. There would still be consequences if you were gay married in space and came back to earth.

Which part of the space craft came back to earth?

The space shuttle.

If you jumped down a hole drilled directly through the earth theoretically would your velocity take you past the center of the earth?

I'll make this simple, basically what would happen is that you would keep falling through the center of the earth. You would momentarily stop at the other side of the earth at the same height you jumped into the hole. Then you would fall back into the hole repeating the process indefinitely.

If there was a spaceship in space how would it get rid of the garbage?

Well ii would suck it up back inside of the spaceship then go back to earth a go put it in the dumpster.

Why use a space shuttle?

You use it to give the rocket a extra boost into space and make sure it gets into orbit, without it space ships would be falling back to earth!

Can the international space station be returned to earth for repairs?

No. It would be too expensive and impracticable. Any repairs required are easier and cheaper to do in space. It would probably be cheaper to build an entirely new Space station than to return the old one to Earth, repair it and put it back up into Earth orbit.

If you dug a hole to the center of the earth and jumped in would you stay at the center because of gravity?

If the hole went right through the Earth, you would gather enough speed to continue to the other side. Assuming no resistance, you would move back and forth forever, like an ideal pendulum moves back and forth forever. i think that if you fell in the hole the earth's gravity would pull you apart.

How does a space shuttle get to space and back to earth?

The Space Shuttle lands like a plane. When it gets to earth, there is a runway and it will land smoothly on the ground.

How are conditions in space different from those on earth?

Earth has lots of gravity to pull you back and space does not, space is like a never ending trampoline.

How do space probes get information back to Earth when in space?

threw flying Jews

What spacecraft traveled back and forth between earth and space?

Space shuttles