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Just keep on being nice to him and start flirting with him sooner or later he'll come around.


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If he likes you than go up to him and ask him out. If you dont know if he does like you than ask him. You dont know what he might say!

ask them. or get someone you know to ask them

Depends how he looks at you. he will ask you out

1. if he looks at you smile.2. try make conversation3. ask him out.

i dont dont know ask ian

Ask him out!if you dont ask him out you will never know if he likes you or not.And if he doesnt like you get over it you dont have to sit around all day pouting there are plenty of fishes out in the sea.go for it!

Ask him why is he looking at you like that? And ask him does his girlfriend know that he's looking at you like that?

I guess he will tell you, or he will act like he likes you for example if he looks at you like he likes you. He could stare at you a lot. Just ask him, I hate when girls like me and I dont know :p

try to become friends with her and if you cant ask her friends to ask her if she likes you or you friends to ask her. why do you like a girl you dont know?

i dont know why dont u ask him hahahaha

I dont know! go and ask him was he likes

i dont know, ask spiderman

1. ask her out 2. call her 3. become friends 4. ask her out 5. ask her out 6. ASK HER OUT

it is easy if a girl like you she will almost tell every one but not your friends she will smile at you when she looks at you she will talk about you. and i am a girl and you don't know if she like you or not so TELL HER she will what to hear! BUT DONT ASK HER IN FRONT OF PEOPLE IF YOU ASK HER IN FRONT OF PEOPLE SHE WILL ALWAYS SAY KNOW IF A GIRL DOES NOT LIKE YOU WELL SHE WONT LOOK AT YOU OR SMILE WHEN YOU LOOK SHE WILL DO OPPISITE YOU GET IS Now sorry for so much but please ASK HER! ASK HER! ASK HER! ASK HER!

ask him out to the movies or something

just ask her if she likes you

Ask them. Tell them or get one of your friends to tell them

if they start to ask you weird qestions and some tips if you dont know them and you arent sure if there the right person dont respond

you dont!!!!!!!!!!!! Sack up and just ask her. All she can say is no, but she will know you like her.

Don't. Flirt with him and make it clear that you like him, and if he like you hell ask you out.

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