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READ your contract. Most auto financing contracts require you to keep the car IN state, unless the LENDER approves. Likely a "note" lot would have such a clause.

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Q: If you purchased a car then want to move to another state can the dealer make you turn the car in or pay full balance?
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Can a NM resident buy a rifle in Texas and transport it back to nm?

Yes- if the purchase is from a licensed Dealer. A private seller may only sell to a resident of his home state, or to a licensed Dealer/ Collector in any state. A handgun may only be purchased in your home state, but a rifle or shotgun may be purchased in another state. (Except California, which has a state law that prohibits its citizens from buying guns in another state)

How do you unregister a gun purchased in another state?

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Which of these describes a use tax?

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Can you buy a new car from a dealer like Honda in one state and pick it up in another state from a dealer of the same car company?

Yes, it is possible to buy a car from a dealer in one state and pick it up in another state from a dealer of the same car company. Although this transaction might be unusual, it is possible. Shipping charges might apply depending on the situation.

Can you return a newly purchased vehicle back to the dealer within twenty four hours in the state of Louisiana?

No, you cannot.

Do you pay sales tax on a used car at the dealer or BMV in OH?

If you purchased the car from a dealer, the dealer is REQUIRED by state law to collect the sales tax amount. If you purchased from an individual, the only you have to pay your sales tax is to pay it at the title office, which is most cases, is separate from the BMV. Hope this helps!!

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What is ga sale tax on a car?

A car purchased in the state of Georgia is charged the sales tax rate of the county where the purchaser lives not where the dealership is located. If you live in another state some dealers will collect the tax for that state and some will not. If the dealer does not collect the tax then the purchaser will need to pay the tax when they register the vehicle in their state.

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Is a car titled in the state it was purchased in or the state of the original owner?

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Can you return a used car in the state of Indiana if you decide you do not want it?

There is no return law on a vehicle purchased in Indiana or any other state. You bought it and you own it. The only way you legally can return it in Indiana is if the dealer does not provide you with a title in 21 days. You then must demand the title in writing and the dealer has another 10 days to supply you with the title. If you do not get it after that time period you can return the car and demand a refund.

How do you go about buying a new truck in one state when you live in another state and what type of fees will the dealer charge you?

You need to inform the dealer that you will be buying the car and need it titled in the state you want to register it in. I don't believe that you have to pay another tax, unless you buy it there then take it home and re-register it as if you move.

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How long does a dealer have to give buyer licenses plate?

Usually it is up to the buyer to register and buy plates for their state for a newly purchased automobile. This is not the dealers responsibility.

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Is the sales tax for an auto purchased out of state based on the state in which it is purchased or the state in which the car is ultimately registered?

Where it is registered.

How do you remove your name from a car title that has been sent to a junk yard?

Most states Have a change of ownership form you can send in. This notifies the state that you sold your automobile. Another thing is always make sure the junk yard/junk buyer is a licensed salvage dealer. This is important because a licensed salvage dealer has to send your tittle in to the state notifying them that the automobile was purchased by a salvage deeler, so in turn the auto is taken out of your name.

Where does one apply for dealer license?

== == Contact your state tax commission or secretary of state to get a dealer license