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If you put 3500 down on a 5200 car and financed 1700 can the finance company repo the car and demand the remaining 1200 to return it in Oklahoma?


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READ the contract. What does it say pertaining to DEFAULT?? Look for a clause that says "right to accelerate the balance due"? Someone did put down a lot of money and desnt owe much BUT, the contract and state law determines what happens. Merry Christmas


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You still owe the finance company the balance owed.

If you financed your car then it is always owned by the finance company, regardless of if the dealership is in business or not, until you finish paying it off.

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Legally you can't ! The car belongs to the finance company until it's paid off !

Sure you can, but you're still responsible for paying off the loan to the finance company. If the check will cover the pay-off, give it to the finance company. If it doesn't, give it to them, anyway. It'll reduce your debt by that much.

When your financed car breaks down, you need to get it fixed so you can drive it and keep paying your loan at the same time. If you can't afford to get it fixed, you can give the car back to the finance company.

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If your car is financed you cannot sell it to a salvage company. Even if the car is beyond repair it does not technically belong to you until you have finished paying for it. Once you pay the finance company off you can sell it to anyone you please. The salvage company won't or shouldn't purchase that vehicle without a clean title.

You will still owe the finance company the balance of your finance note. Hopefully you have full coverage insurance. If you do have full coverage, the Comprehensive portion of your policy will generally pay off the finance company up to the insured limits (usually the remaining market value) of your insured auto.

You can get another car financed with the same company if they will extend you credit. If you have your loan paid down and a good credit history with them, they will more than likely lend you more money.

This is your decision. If the vehicles are financed then the finance agreement you have with the bank or finance company will require that you carry physical damage coverage. If the vehicles are paid for and not financed then the decision is completely up to the owner of the business. The owner will have to weigh the risk of loss versus the premium to carry physical damage coverage.

The finance company financed a fully operational car, the same applies with the tires and wheels.and sometimes the radio as well.

Such charges will vary based on the location and what is being financed.

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According to most auto insurance policies, the company will repair, replace, or pay the actual cash value of the vehicle insurance if you have the appropriate coverage. If the vehicle is deemed a total loss, which means that the cost to repair is close or over the actual cash value of the vehicle, the company will pay the value of the vehicle to your finance company or bank if it is financed, and will pay you any amount over the amount owed to the bank or finance company, if it is financed. At this point you have in effect, sold them the vehicle so they will take what is left of the car.

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