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This depends on the buy/sell agreement. If the agreement establish that the seller takes the liability to pay the debts for the business, then will not be transferred. But in other hand the business is sold with all liabilities (debts), then the buyer that acquire the business will be liable to the debt. Is good to establish the assets and liabilities that will go with the buy/sell agreement.

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Q: If you sell a business does the business debt transfer?
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Is it legal for a creditor to sell an unpaid debt?

Absolutely, this occurs every day. Creditors often sell debt for pennies on the dollar. This is a very big business.

What can a business in debt do to pay the debt?

There are many different solutions I can think of. The owners could sell part of the business, they can try some new things, they can get a loan... All good ideas.

Where can one get a business debt consolidation?

Business debt consolidations can be found in several places. The primary place they are found are in business debt consolidation firms as well as business management firms.

Debts owed by a business are called?

Debt held by businesses is called Business debt

What if a car owner dies?

The car goes into the estate. The estate may sell the car to cover debt and costs. They may also transfer title to the appropriate party.

Where can one find information on business debt collection?

One can find information on business debt collection in online articles and guides on business debt collection. In addition, one can find more information on business debt collection through one's peers.

How can a business collect debt?

A business can collect debt by getting a collection agency to collect the debt. A business could also take it up in court or by putting a lien on the debtor's property.

If you file for small business bankruptcy will they take your house?

If your business was a sole proprietorship, you have unlimited liability for any debt your business holds, and therefore your business debt is your personal debt. If your business had a form of limited liability, particularly if it was an LLC, this cannot happen.

Can you sell a debt owed you?

Of course.

Can a bank sell your overdraft debt if they never notified you about the debt and your address never changed?

Yes, in many states a bank can sell your overdraft debt to a collector if they never notified you about the debt and your address never changed.

Where can I find information on business debt counseling?

A business debt counseling center will have credit counselors that specialize in helping small businesses get out of debt and to optimize their profits.

What is diifferenct between liquidation and partnership?

In business a liquidation means to sell of the assets of a business. A partnership is a joining together of two or more people to run the business. The only situation I can perceive where these two ideas would be options is when the business owes someone a debt. If the creditor proposes to be paid by you liquidating the business this means you close shop. If however the creditor offers a partnership this means he offered to join with your business as an owner and uses the debt to buy into your business.