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The Hair will not grow back in thicker as in diameter of the hair. Hair grows back in Longer and Darker.. If you Shave Blonde Short Hair it will then grow back at first Long Blonde hair if you keep doing it will start to get longer and darker.. I did this on my chest and i kept doing it for 10 years now and I regret ever doing it. I now have hair that has gotten longer and darker in areas where I would of never had dark hair at.. Now I have Long Dark hair that grows on my shoulders and upper back from where I kept shaving ever dark hair i seen and it eventually started to spread..

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How does a 9 year old Africa boy grow his hair?

You can shave it and it will grow longer and darker

Will shaving your whole arm make the hair darker when it grows back?

yes your hair will grow darker ..... I did shave my arms before and the hair grow back a bit darker

If you shave your upper lip hair will it grow thicker?

Yes it will grow back thicker and darker

If you shave your pubic hairs will they grow back thicker and longer?

yeah, I'm not completely sure, but i think that if you haven't shaved them before, then they probably will grow back a little thicker, and darker. but I'm not sure about longer. i think they'll grow back at the same rate as normal.

If you shave your chest hair will it grow back thicker?

Yes, it will grow back thicker and darker. But shaving your chest itches very badly.

How can you make leg hairs grow back thicker darker and longer?

If you shave the hair on your legs for about 2 months they will start growing back thicker, darker and longer. After about a year they will be very dark, long etc. This works on most people but some skin and hair types may not have the same affect as others . :)

Does your hair grow darker and thicker when you shave?

no it just looks darker and thicker because of stubble

How do you shave your back?

don't shave your back you will get stubble, go to a salon and ask for a wax, it will last longer and grow in finer and slower. Also every time you wax it gets easier and your hair will grow in slower also.

How do you make your armpit hair grow faster for females?

shave it , when it grows back it should be thicker and longer

If you shave your pubic hair will they regrow longer?

No and what's worse is they itch like mad when they grow back.

How can you induce facial hair growth?

If you shave the area and continue to shave once hair grow it will get darker and more visible

Im 16 and Growing little facial hair that i dont want should i shave it. will it grow thicker and quicker?

You can shave it if you want. It's a full blown myth that you hair will grow darker,longer,or faster after taking it off. It will just grow at it's normal usual rate!

Will your hair grow thicker and longer if you shave them?

Not necessarily longer...but yes, thicker! (If you shave them again they don't have time to get long!)

If you shave your eyebrows will they grow back?


If you shave your eyebrows off how will it grow back.?

They will grow back as normal eyebrows.

Does shaving make your hair grow darker?

Shaving the hair on your head does not make it grow darker. If you have much grey hair before you shave your head, all of your hair will look nearly white when it comes back, but don't panic. As it grows longer, more of your original color will appear among the greys. I've done this several times, to treat my scalp psoriasis.

If you cut your leg hairs with scissors will they grow back?

yes but It wont grow back any darker or thicker or longer. just be careful with scissors you could hurt yourself. And I also do that because I am not allowed to shave yet and it makes me self concise so yeah nothing wrong with doing that. What matters is what makes you feel comfortable

I'm twelve and have more facial hair than most kids 2 years older than you that don't shave But it doesn't grow fast how other than waiting can you make it grow faster?

Shave and shave and shave again. The hair will grow back darker and thicker each time. It might take some time to do but it will work eventually. Its not a good look having bum fluff on your lip.

If you have a lot of hair on your chin why is there more in some spots than others and why are some hairs darker and thicker?

because it is just beginning to grow shave it off until it starts to grow back normally

How can you make your armpit hair grow faster?

well,,, i dont know but when you first get armpit hair at beginning of puberty and shave it, it grows back super fast and darker

Do you shave pubic hair?

It is ok to shave your pubic hair, but it will grow back thicker and blacker. I suggests not to shave it.

Why do girls grow hair on there stomach?

All people grow hair everywhere on they're body. Its natural. I even have hair on my belly. I suggest bleaching it if it bothers you. Don't shave it because the hair as you know will grow back thicker and darker.

How can you make your pubic hair longer and thicker?

If you trim it or shave it it may grow in longer or thicker.

What happens if someone doesn't shave their legs?

What will happen if you do not shave is that your leg hairs will grow longer over time.

If you shave off your eyebrows will they grow back?