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If two lines on that brand means you are pregnant, then you're probably pregnant. If it was unclear it might be a good idea to wait 5-7 days and take another test or go see a doctor.

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What are all the batman TV shows?

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How do you replace right rear brake light on 1999 Ford Explorer when turn signals and parking lights work.?

you have to replace the parking light bold because is the same as the brake light so just replace the light bold I think is the middle one between turning light and backing light. you have to replace the parking light bold because is the same as the brake light so just replace the light bold I think is the middle one between turning light and backing light.

What some of the soap opera shows on ABC channel?

There are a number of soap opera shows on ABC. Some of the soap opera shows on ABC are All My Children, As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Desire, Grey's Anatomy, Passions, Revenge, The Young and the Restless and Guiding Light.

If you took 2 pregnancy test one was a light negative sign and 5 days later the other was a bold positive. Plus you went to the Dr and they said positive how many months are you?

You are probably about one month pregnant, but an ultrasound scan will be more accurate.

What does the two bold dot symbol indicate on a weather map?

The most appropriate answer is light rain. Two bold dots suggest light rain on a weather rain.

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The "Big Brothers Big Sisters" part is Myriad Pro Bold SemiCondensed; the second line that shows the location is Myriad Pro Light SemiCondensed.

What does one bold line and one very light line mean on a pregnancy test?

a faint second line is still a second line which means pregnant. take another test and if it is positive go to a doctor

In what did Henri Matisse use bold use of color and light?

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bold = dark, so extra bold = extra dark. bold/dark refers to the body of the coffee, same as how you would describe whole milk (bold/dark) vs. nonfat milk (light) vs. 2% milk (medium)

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Can you use Skype on your Blackberry Bold?

Skype is available for BlackBerry Bold, although only available on the "Verizon Wireless" BlackBerry Bold and other BlackBerry devices.

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No. The more caffeine is in the light, blonde roasts.

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Can you use BB-Code in your answers at WikiAnswers?

If the following text shows as Bold, Italic, and Underlined then YES it can. [B]Bold[/B] [I]Italic[/I] [U]Underlined[/U] Well... No it can't

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yes! it shows your bold. i start conversations with my guy-friends all the time!

Why does it say you have something in your inbox on stardoll i tried clicking on it but nothing shows up that is bold?

It's a glitch, it happens to me as well.

How do you change a light bold?

With out car make model and year with the location of the bulb this question can not be answered