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Q: If you took an EPT at a clinic but before they could show it to you it disappeared what does that mean?
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Does spotting before 6 days before your period mean your pregnant?

If you had unprotected sex while you were ovulating it could be. See if your period starts, if not get a test done either at home or at your doctor or clinic.

When your breast feel like they are burning does it mean you could be pregnant?

8/10 it can mean your pregnant! So I Provide you to go to the clinic

Based on prefixes which word could mean before surgery?

Based on prefix, which word could mean before surgery"?

What does clinic mean?

The definition of a clinic is a medical establishment run by a group of medical specialists.

What is the average capacity of a animal clinic?

The average capacity of an animal clinic is subject to many different factors and is unique to each clinic. The average capacity of an animal clinic cannot be determined without knowing the capacity of every animal clinic in the world and then calculating the mean.

What dose disappeared mean?

Dose means the amount of medicine you should take per day or whatever.... Disappeared means vanished.

What does PA mean in clinic names?

Physician assistant.

Where is the closest clinic to sell a testicle?

People don't buy testicles. If you mean sperm, you need to ask a fertility clinic near you.

What does PA mean following a medical clinic?

Physician's Assistant

What do the markings on a running track mean?

Noble Vitiligo clinic

Vous avez disparu hier What does it mean in English?

You disappeared yesterday

What does the word clearing mean?

A clearing could mean an open space in a forest. It could mean clearing the table before dinner. It could also mean clearing the air by apologising to someone after having an argument.

What does it mean if you can see the future before it happens?

It could mean that your mind is achieving a psychic level.

What does your dream mean if you dreamed that you were a lesbian?

I could mean that you are a lesbian or it could mean that that was what you were thinking about before you went to bed. For other translations you would need more information.

What does Associate DVM mean?

An associate DVM is a veterinarian who is working as a salaried employee at a particular clinic. This is in contrast to a partner or owner DVM, who in addition to working as a veterinarian at the clinic are also part or full owners of the clinic.

What is the cpt9 code mean in the medical field?

clinic practice treatment

What do you mean by the phrase have gone out of the window?

gone out the window means its disappeared from your MIND

What does the German word 'verschwunden' mean?

Verschwunden means Disappeared.

What does prehistory mean in biblical times?

It could mean the time before the birth of jesus christ(most likely), or the time before man was created.

What could it mean if your spouse says she loves you but not like she did before?

It could mean she loves you more, it could mean she loves you less, or it could mean that she loves you in a different way. But what it means for sure is that you need to sit down with her and talk to her...and "listen" to what she has to say. Good luck.

What does 1646 mean?

It could mean 1646hrs as in military time - which would be 14 minutes before 5pm.

What does it mean to dream constantly about the same guy?

It could mean that you like him or he was thinking of you before he went to sleep.

What is it mean when you know what someone is saying before they even complete the sentence?

It could just mean that you are intuitive.

What does precalcalus mean?

It does not mean anything: there is no such word! You could try checking your spellings before posting questions.

What does turtle mean?

Well, obviously, it could mean the animal. Alternatively, it could mean a kind of dessert made with caramel, pecans, and chocolate. There are other things it could mean as well. You would need to supply some context before we could know specifically what is meant.