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Not unless the Pok�mon you would be trading has a hexidecimal ID that is not filled in the receiving game. Example: if you were to trade a Missingno. or M-Block from R/B/Y to G/S/C, the Missingno. will be replaced by a Pok�mon with the corresponding HD code, usually a Remoraid or Tyrogue. In short, NO.

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Q: If you trade a Pokemon you caught with a Game Shark to another Pokemon game does it mess it up?
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Can you trade a ball that you have caught with Pokemon sapphire?

You cannot switch a pokemon from one ball to another.

How do you catch deoxyis in Pokemon Sapphire?

If you want deoxys in Pokemon sapphire, you need an action replay, or an game shark. Or trade from an emerald game that been to birth island, and has caught deoxys.

How do you get two of the starter Pokemon Charmander and Squirtle with one gameboy and no game shark in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Must trade them from another leafgreen or firered sorry.

How do you catch the Pokemon that can never be caught?

You cannot "catch" the Pokemon that can never be caught. What you can do, is convince him to choose you as his companion. You do this by giving him gifts and being kind to him, or by providing help when he is in trouble. or you can trade from another game

Help to get all Pokemon for FireRed?

game shark or trade

How do you get another starter Pokemon on black and white?

Start a new game, get access to the PC and trade over the starter you caught. You need another ds to do this. I did it myself.

Where do you findkingler on Pokemon Diamond?

You can trade from another game, or evolve a Krabby (caught on Route 226) by leveling it up to Level 28.

How do you get Ho-oh Pokemon Diamond?

Use via Action Replay or Trade over the Wi-fi or if you have caught it in another GBA game transfer it to Pokemon diamond!

How can you get Zekrom in Pokemon Black?

Zekrom can't be caught in Pokemon Black, you have to trade it from Pokemon White.

How do you get another starter Pokemon in Pokemon White?

You have to trade a starter to another Pokemon white or black game then trade the Pokemon back.

Magmar Pokemon FireRed?

Magmar can only be caught in Pokemon LeafGreen, therefore, you have to trade.

Can you catch Luigi in Pokemon FireRed?

Luigi is not a Pokemon and cannot be caught. If you want to catch Lugia, you will have to get the special event which is no longer available. Therefore, you will have to trade it from another game if you want to get it on FireRedNo, there is no such Pokemon as "Luigi" in the Pokemon games. Luigi from the Mario series isn't in the game, either.