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If you want to be one of extra of Harry Potter how can you contact the casting service?


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The movies are over now, so you can't do anything to be in them unless you have a time machine.

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Fiona Weir Harry Potter Casting St Margarets Twickenham TW1 2AW United Kingdom

You get in contact with the casting director, and audition.

Fiona Weir is the casting director for 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'.

Fiona Weir Harry Potter Casting St Margarets Twickenham TW1 2AW United Kingdom

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released in 2009. Auditions are now over.The casting director was Fiona Weir.Casting OfficeLeavesden StudiosPO Box 332WatfordHertfordshireWD25 7XJ

However, there are no more auditions for the Harry Potter films.

Fiona Shaw, the casting director for the Harry Potter movies.

You have to write to the Harry Potter Casting Office in the UK, and if you really do have the potential, I'm sure you'll be able to do it!

They are still filming the Sixth Movie, so the casting date will not be released for some time.

You cannot contact anyone about being in a Harry Potter film. They are all complete with filming.

Daniel Radcliffe played Harry Potter, and you can contact him by writing to Leaveston Studios, where Harry Potter is filmed.

The auditions for Lily Potter appeared to have been private as there was no open casting call.

You can't. Filming for the 7th movie has been completed, casting is finished.

If you mean casting light to come out from the wand, it is "Lumos".

They all went to a casting meeting and auditioned.

Casting and talent information for the Harry Potter movies may be mailed to: Fiona Weir Harry Potter Casting St Margarets Twickenham TW1 2AW United Kingdom The 'Goblet of Fire' movie has already been released and auditions are *closed*.

type Harry Potter Fan addresses into google or your search engine it should come up with them ;)

He will be casting in a horror film named Women in Black

Hopefully she will otherwise a lot of the book fans will be very upset. I would recommend getting in contact with the casting director, Fiona Weir if you are interested in the role.

There didn't appear to be any open casting calls for the seventh Harry Potter movie. All auditions were held privately and no information is available on them.

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