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size 4

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Q: If you wear a womens size 6 shoe what size would you wear in a boys shoe?
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What size men's shoe would you wear if you wear a size 6 shoe in womens?

about a 4 in boys

American shoe sizes a 6.5 youth boys would be equal to what womens size shoe?

It would be and 8.5 in womens. If you have a boys shoe then just bump it up two sizes to to get the women's shoe.

What is a 5 in womens shoe equal to in kids size shoe?

About a 3 in boys shoes.

What is a size 7 in boys shoe size equal to in a womens show size?


What would a boys size 7 shoe be in womens?

A size nine. Women's sizes are men's sizes plus two.

What is a size 7 in womens shoe size equal to in a boys show size?


If you wear a size 8 in womens shoes what size shoe would you wear in a boys shoe?

If you wear an 8 in womens shoes you probably where a 6 in mens the tend to differ 1 1/2 to 2 sizes

What is the womens shoe size 6.5 converted to a boys shoe size?

4.5 in boy sizes. You go 2 sizes down

What size is kids shoe 13.5 in a womens?

What size is kids shoe 3.5 in a womens?

What kid's size a shoe is equivalent to womens sizes?

The highest size in a girls' shoe size is a 13 and I'm not sure what a boys is. But a 13 is the highest you can go before you hit a women's shoe size :)

What would a junior size 5 shoe be in womens?


If you wear a size 8 in womens shoes what size shoe do you wear in boys?

If your a size 8 in woman's, then your guy shoe size would be 6. This is so because for a woman's size shoe, you subtract your size down by 2 and you get your guy size shoe. Hope I helped!!! thank you you helped a whole lot Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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