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A phone that you can see the person you are talking to like the person is a hologram. Or an automatic pet nanny. ( like animal messes / feeding is automatically done.)

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Q: If you were a scientist you would invent a?
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If you got a chance to be a scientist and invent something what is that you would like to invent?

I would probably invent something to help kids in school, considering most kids have trouble learning or just catching on to the concept.

Did the Greek invent the catapult?

no the greek did not invent it . a greek scientist invented it.

What are two things that a scientist and a explorer have in common?

A scientist and explorer can DISCOVER but a scientist can DISCOVER and INVENT

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Why would you want to be a scientist like Albert Einstein?

so you can invent new things and get a lot of money for you and your family.

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What did Merriam al ijliya invent?

she was lyk a scientist

Are they going to invent new thing?

They are always trying very hard to invent new thing. New thing are difficult for scientist to invent.

What did scientist invent view very small cells?

the microscope

Why do scientist work hard dedication?

its because the scientist is a scientist so he need to work hard to invent something not only for the world but also for himself.

If you become a scientist somedaywhatwould you want to discoverinventwhy?

if i become a scientist i will try to invent new things which are never been invented.