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have i been approved

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The law is derived from three main sources what are they

If there is an erroneous payment then

These funds last 5 years have limited use and cannot pay for new obligations

How do you know which transactions are awaiting your approval

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Q: If you were approved for a credit card you applyed for?
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If you apply for a credit card and are approved does it show on your credit report?

It will appear on the CR when the account becomes active, not when the card is approved.

Do you have to have exceptional credit to be approved for an American Express card?

You do not have to have exceptional credit to be approved for an American Express card. It is good to have a good credit rating for this card for better rates, but it is not necessary.

Is it difficult to get approved for a New York life credit card?

It is not difficult to get approved for this credit card. They have the same general guidelines as other major credit cards.

How can you build credit if you can't get approved for a credit card?

i don't think you can

How can I find out my approved walmart credit card status and amount?

was my credit ard applation for wal mart approved

Where can one get approved for an Amex credit card?

You can get approved for an Amex credit card by going to your bank and filling in an application. You can also apply for an amex card by going to a store, such as costco. At the store you will fill in an application and it is possible for you to get approved on the spot.

Where can one get approved for an APR credit card?

"Just like any other credit card, one can apply on line or at your bank and/or any bank. But just like any other credit card it depends on your credit history and there is no way to say whether or not you can get approved 100% on an APR credit card as the same standards apply to it as do to any credit card."

How long does it take to be approved for a Chase credit card?

Generally, it takes about two days to a month to get approved for a Chase credit card. This will depend on how much of your information needs to be processed.

How do I know if I am approved for a PC Richards and Son credit card?

I meant to say PC Richards and son credit card

Where can credit card machines for businesses be purchased?

You can find credit card machines for businesses from the credit card companies. For instance, CapitalOne offers a free machine to businesses that are approved.

Where can someone apply for credit card application?

There are several options for applying a credit card. One can find credit card applications at the bank, mail or internet. Credit card companies require a proof of income before being approved for credit.

A sentence with the word invalid?

The credit card was invalid; it was not approved at checkout.

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