If you would like to do some sailing on the Oregon coast near Portland where can you get lessons on a sailboat there?


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I think your best bet that far North is in Garibaldi Bay which is not too far from you. I live in eugene and plan on taking my sweet bluewater boat out to Newport this year which is closer for me. i suppose if you wanted to come down to Newport you could get some lessons with me but check out garibaldi bay first. have you sailed before? you probably want to do some protected sailing first (lakes, on the Columbia, then in a bay like garibaldi or yaquina) before you get out on the open ocean. the Oregon coast is rough and rugged, cold water, can be quite dangerous! Let me know how i can help you out! You could just goto a sailboat lesson website.

ETA: Great advice from the previous poster (BTW, Do you mean the town of Garibaldi @ Tillamook Bay?) . The Portland/Vancouver area is most likely your very best bet. I have crossed the Interstate bridge and seen literally a couple hundred S/Vs out there. Having a bit of experience on the Oregon/ Washington coast and not knowing yours, I'd look inland before sailing out on the Pacific.


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