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EFC stands for Expected Family Contribution. The is an index number that college financial aid staff use to figure out how much financial aid you are eligible to receive if you go to their school. Your EFC is figured out after you report information about your specific situation on the FAFSA. It is based on a formula established by law. This formula considers your family's taxed and untaxed income, assets, benefits, family size, and number of family members attending college.

Your college figures out how much need-based aid you will receive by subtracting your EFC from your Cost of Attendance.

Your EFC is not how much financial aid you will receive, nor is it how much money you will have to pay for college.

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Q: If your EFC is 0 who pays for your education?
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What does 0000 EFC mean on your FAFSA?

EFC stands for expected family contribution. Having an EFC of 0 just means that your family is expected to contribute $0 towards your education. It means you'll get more aid.

What does it mean if your efc number is 002668 ?

An EFC number is the "expected family contribution", or the amount a family is expected to pay for their student's college education. It short, the EFC has an effect on how much federal grant money you will be given for college expenses.

What does it mean if your EFC number is 0 on your FAFSA?

EFC stands for "Expected Family Contribution". Receiving a zero mean that based on the information that you provided while filling out your FAFSA, the government does not think that your family will be able to help you out with paying for your education. This allows you to be in the running for many grant, scholarships, and financial aid from your school.

What does it mean if EFC is 280?

EFC stands for Estimated Family Contribution. An EFC of 280, means that the government is expecting your family to be able to contribute 280 dollars to your education. Scholarships and Financial Aid offices base the amount of money they give you on this number. The lower the number the more financial aid you can receive.

What is the highest efc?

The highest EFC that can be calculated is 99,999.

If your EFC is 0 how much aid will you get from Suffolk University?

Your entire tuition should be paid for by your financial aid qualifications.

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What if your EFC is 308 not 0?

That means the expected family conribution "EFC" amount is $308. It's basically what the government thinks your family should be able to pay or contribute for college. So the lower your number is the more financial aid you would recieve.

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