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Not for simply having your licence suspended. Now, if you lose your job as a result of it, and are unable to make your car payments, then it can be repossessed for nonpayment.

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Q: If your driver's license is suspended can your car be repossessed?
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Can you get car insurance if your drivers license has been suspended?

You can't get car insurance if your drivers license has been suspended.

Can your car get repossessed for license suspension?

No. However, if you're caught driving on a suspended license, your car may be impounded.

Can you rent a car if your license was suspended in a different state?

You must have a valid drivers license to rent a car. A suspended license is not a valid one.

Can your license still get suspended if your car was repossessed before your license gets suspended for no insurance if it was before the deadline?

Yes, your license can be suspended and usually is when you receive a ticket for no Insurance. The fact youwere driving without insurance has no bearing on whether you have a car or not.

Can you get a Texas id if your drivers license is suspended and where and how?

No, not by car. Probably get their by plane or cab.

What kind of car insurance can you get with a suspended drivers license?

In the state of Georgia, the state will reguire a 6-months prepaid policy along with a SR22A filing in order to get your license back. In the state of Georgia, you can't get insurance with a suspended drivers license cause your not legal to drive with a suspended license.

Can your Florida drivers license be suspended if you are arrested for possession while in a park Walking no car?

If you are walking with no car, how can it be in Park?

Do you have to pay delinquent California DMV fees on a car you no longer own?

Only if you plan on keeping a valid California drivers license. The fees will cause your drivers license to be suspended.

What are the charges when driving with suspended drivers license?

in the State of Indiana you get caught with a suspended drivers license its a bondable offense...that means you get arrested and your car get towed. You have to bond out of jail and receive a court date, go to the place where your car is towed and prove insurance and pay to get the car then have a licensed driver drive it off the lot...have a nice day :)

What is going to happen because you totaled your car yesterday with no insurance and a suspended drivers license?

You are going to go to jail. Enjoy!

Do you need a drivers license to register a car in Missouri?

You do not need a drivers license to register a car in the state of Missouri. A drivers license is only required if you intend to drive the car.

Can you register a car with a suspended license in California?

Simple answer. YES. I have a suspended license & I just registered mine.

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