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About the only time that there is no coverage for a permissive driver is when that person has been officially excluded, in writing, prior to the accident. All normal provisions of the policy should apply. You and the driver of the car must cooperate with the investigation of the accident with your insurance company.

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Q: If your friend drives your car and was under the influence and crashed it would your insurance cover it?
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Will your friend's insurance cover your car if they crashed it?

Check with your insurance agent. Normally, the repairs would be covered by the company that insures the car, although they may want some sort of reimbursement from your friend's insurer.

If friend drives your car and hits someone but is not insured by your insurance company who pays?

generally the person who owns the car at fault involved in the accident is financially responsible. hopefully you have insurance and your friend is not excluded from your policy for some reason. if your friend is not excluded then your insurance company should pay

If a minor has been removed from his parents' insurance since 'he never drives the car' is he covered if he is driving a friend's car?

He has no coverage. Unless the minor gets insurance elsewhere. He would likely be covered as a permissive driver of the friend's car, under the friend's policy.

If a friend drives your car and gets into an accident will you be sued by the opposite party?

Depends. Even if it's your friend driving it'll end up on the insurance belonging to the owner of the car.

Would it effect the insurance he could get for his own car if my friend crashed my car with a learner's permit?

I wouldn't worry about your friend and his insurance, but your own. If you are a minor your parents owe for damages that your friend did to the other car. If you allowed him to drive the car without your parents permission that is a problem too. That was not smart allowing someone to drive your car.

Who was driving paul walkers car when it crashed?

Paul Walker's car was being driven by a friend when it crashed.

What is the legal if drives your friend car in that car is not insured and you get a ticket for driving without insurance?

If there is no insurance on the vehicle and you get a ticket for driving without insurance you are guilty of the offense and will have to pay your fine. Even though the vehicle belongs to someone else it is the responsibility of the driver to make sure there is valid auto insurance on the vehicle before driving it.

If you crashed your friend's car - can you get your insurance to cover the damage and is it ethical to say you caused the damage with your car in order to get your insurance to pay rather than his?

no your insurance will not cover youhis will even if you were driving as long as you are licensed and he has full coveragenot only is the latter unethical it is illegal its called insurance fraud and carries heavy fines and maybe even jailtime

Where was Princess Diana going when she crashed?

Princess Diana and her friend werer running away from the Ritz Hotel from the papparazzi, when the car crashed in the tunnel.

You had no insurance on your car What if your friend borrowed car with permission had an accident and was issued a citation Can you recover from friend's insurance?

Not likely. For property damage, insurance is primary to the vehicle. Unless you live in WI or NH, you are required to carry liability insurance, regardless if you drive your car or not. Liability pays for the damage your car causes to other people for their injuries and damage to their car. Knowingly lending your uninsured car to some one is legally the same thing as you driving without insurance. Your friend's insurance probably contains a non-owned vehicle clause, but this is designed for loaner cars from dealerships, test drives, and rental cars.

If a friend borrows your car and gets in an accident does your auto insurance cover damages?

Depends. If said friend has insurance then in most cases their insurance will cover the damages due to vicarious liability. If the friend does not have insurance, you are then responsible for any damages caused.

If a friend drives your car and is charged with DUI and gets in an accident does your collision coverage cover the damages?

depends on your and his insurance, generally insurance follows the driver not the car. so your insurance shouldn't care, their insurance should pay for everything. If they don't have insurance, then your uninsured motorist might cover it. It depends entirely on your company, but if your company pays then your premiums will go up. The person they hit should have insurance that may cover it. I see no reason why your insurance should be involved.

Who was the pilot friend of Will Rogers?

His pilot friend was Wiley Post. They were killed on August 15, 1935 when their airplane crashed in Alaska.

Does my insurance cover a friend driving my car?

yes because if you have insurance on your car as long as you name is on the title and you were in the car with your friend most likely the insurance will cover it

What was Amelia Earharts heroic act?

She once pulled a friend from a crashed airplane.

If a person is driving their parents car under their parents' insurance and lets a friend borrow the car if the friend gets a ticket will the ticket affect the parents' or friend's insurance?

I believe the Parents insurance go up!

Can you drive a friends car on their USA insurance with a UK driving license?

A friend of mine loaned his car to a friend of his, who was visiting from Europe. Well, his friend drove the car off a cliff and completely wrecked it, along with being charged with a dui. His friend ended up skipping town and going back home. Fortunately, the insurance company covered the vehicle. Still, you should read over your policy just to be sure. To my knowledge, most insurance companies cover the car, regardless who drives it. But again, look over your policy so you know for sure. Or, contact your insurance broker and they can tell you. Hope this helps.

In what circumstances does your auto insurance cover you and the car if you are driving a friends car?

Car insurance follows the car. If you are using the friend's car temporarily, with permission, as a substitute for your own insured car, your insurance should cover you if the friend's insurance does not. What if my friend (who has the car) does not have insurance and I want to pay for my faults and fix it - will he be arrested?

If you got a ticket but were driving your friend's car so you showed the police his insurance will your insurance rates go up?

if it was YOUR offence, YOUR license you showed, it will be YOUR problem with insurance, not your friend's.

Will your auto insurance policy be voided if you loaned your car to a friend without knowing his license was suspended and he got into an accident?

It depends, they could or they could have you sign an exclusion on that driver, which means that if that person ever drives the car again and gets into an accident the insurance company will not be responsible for damages.

You lent your car to a friend he had a lincence but no insurance does your insurance cover him?


What if someone is driving your car and they get into an accident and do not have car insurance?

Do you have car insurance? Yours will cover it. Your friend if he is a true friend, will cover the deductible.

If you get in an accident while driving a friend's car will her car insurance go up or just yours?

In my experience, if someone drives my car and get in an accident, I think he or her insurance has to pay for the damage of the other party and mine pays for the damage of my car. However, her insurance should go up, but not mine because I am not the one who drive at the time the accident occurs.

Would you recommend Hanover Insurance to a friend?

Yes I would I think that hanover insurance is a well trusted company and if I were to recomend it to a friend the friend I recomend it to would enjoy the professionalism of the company.

You purchase the car at the dealer for your friend does the insurance has to be under your name also?

No, insurance does not always follow the owernership of the car unless you and your friend live in the same house and you have your driver's licence. If you tell the insurance company that you are not going to drive the car at all time and main driver is your friend, then you do not have to be under the same insurance.