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Drunk Driving (DWI or DUI)

If your husband's license was suspended 7 yrs ago for DWI and he does not have a license now do you have to tell your insurance company They only asked for licensed drivers?


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April 30, 2008 10:07AM

My educated guess would be no. If they only asked for valid licensed drivers in the family, and he does not posses a valid license, then you are answering the question truthfully. However if they ask has anyone in the family ever had a license, then you would have to fess up and confess that, yes he used to have a valid drivers license. I also believe that all states now go back 10 years on a drivers record to determine criminal penalties for future offenses and fines, and for insurance rates. Every offense is removed from your driving record after a 10 year period, but still shows up on your record even though judges and insurance companies are not suppose to incriminate or base any decisions on offenses over and beyond the 10 year period. If you want to believe that, then why are the old offense not removed from your file completely, hmmm.