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yes, if you are still living in their house and/or they are supporting you.

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Q: If your over 18 is it your parents business to tell you that you can't carry an airsoft gun for self protection?
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Do you need a concealed weapons license to carry an airsoft gun in a shoulder holster under a jacket for self protection?

That answer will change depending on what state you live in. What won't change is that an airsoft gun is not protection and may get you shot or hurt badly by someone who doesn't take time to see your 'gun' is a toy.

Where can you purchase an airsoft revolver?

One can purchase airsoft revolvers at Hobbytron, Airsoft Station, and Air Gun Station online. Large retailers Walmart and Sears sell airsoft pistols and repeaters but do not carry revolvers.

Can you remove the carry handle from an airsoft m16?

On the real steal and any realistic airsoft versions you simply need to unscrew the giant screws on the side of the bottom of the carry handle. If there are no screws then I think it can't be removed.

Can you buy an airsoft gun in Illinois under the age of 18 if you have a FOID card?

No its not illegal you just cant carry your airsoft gun around

Is it illegal to remove the orange barrel from an airsoft gun and carry it outside?


Is it illegal to carry or conceal an airsoft gun in California?

You will have to contact your local police.

Is it legal to carry an airsoft gun in a movie theater?

NO you will get kicked out or shot by the police

Are there any airsoft gun retail stores are in southeast Michigan?

There is an on-line retail store in Michigan in the St Joe and Benton Harbor area. They carry airsoft rifles, airsoft pistols and airsoft shotguns. They also have a section dedicated to airsoft sniper rifles as well as a multitude of airsoft pistols. They carry brand names such as Classic Army, ICS, TSD, Jing Gong, and carry 6mm bb 's for all your shooting needs. They have a good selection of low priced but good quality airsoft guns, all the way to higher end guns such as Classic Army and Tokyo Marui. They also have tactical items like tactical knives, tactical vests and airsoft goggles to name a few. Hopefully this will help in your search for a quality airsoft retail store.

Were can you buy chargers for airsoft guns?

Any airsoft supplier should carry these items. A quick search for 'airsoft suppliers' via a search engine should find these for you. You may also find them at retail chains which sell airsoft products, such as Wal Mart.

It is not necessary for a business to carry business insurance.?

It is not necessary for a business to carry business insurance.

Is it leagl to carry a airsoft gin down the street?

yes you can be arrested for possession of a firearm

Why do people carry weapons?

people carry weapons for protection