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You can take it at anytime. Your period will not affect the results of the pregnancy test and if you are having a light period and suspect a pregnancy, the test should be fairly accurate at this point.


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Q: If your period is lighter than usual when should you take a home pregnancy test?
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Can you be pregnant if you get your period lighter than usual?

yes. get a pregnancy test and find out for sure.

Can you be pregnant if your period is lighter than usual but is lasting the same amount of days as your other periods?

A period usually means no pregnancy, if you are unsure take a pregnancy test.

Could you be pregnant if your period only lasted three days?

Well, you can't have an actual period during pregnancy since that's the shedding of your lining, but some women will have implantation bleeding during pregnancy. If it was lighter then usual, you should test.

Can you have your period lighter than usual and be pregnant?

A light period that is caused by pregnancy will usually cease within 48hours and only require 2 sanitary pads during this time. But its possible that a slightly heavier period than the above may be a indication of pregnancy. Performing a pregnancy test would be ideal in your situation. If its negative then you simply have a lighter period this month.

Should you take a Home Pregnancy Test if your period was lighter than normal you are on birth control pills but were on antibiotics?

No. it is just the pills making your periods lighter that usual. If you just started the medication it will take a month or two to get to its regular flow.

Is getting your period two days early a sign of pregnancy?

If you get your period you are not pregnant. However, if the period is light or shorter than usual then it's possible that you could be pregnant and you should take a pregnancy test

If you were supposed to start your period 2 weeks ago and are currently on it but its lighter then usual could something be wrong?

yes, you could be pregnant take a pregnancy test.

When should doctor visits start for pregnancy?

The usual first visit is about 8 weeks after you have missed your period.

Does a lighter period than usual mean your pregnant?

No you dont get it when your pregnant

Is it true that you can be pregnant even if you just had a period especially if the period was delayed and lighter than usual?

Yes, you can be pregnant even if you just had your period. What you thought was a period could possibly be implantation bleeding.

You had your period but it was a week early and you are usually on time you had sore breasts but that passed and then you're tired all the time am i pregnant?

If your period was lighter than usual it may have been an implantation bleed. Take a home pregnancy test.

If you get your period does that mean that you are definitely not pregnant?

No, you could still be pregnant especially if your period is lighter than usual.

Can your period be shorter and lighter than usual and you still be pregnant?


Could you be pregnant if your period was a day early and lighter than usual?


If your period starts a day early and was a little lighter than usual could you be pregnant?

no, you should worry when it doesnt start at all, though.

Trying for a baby but my period came on time but only for two days which is very unusual?

Take a pregnancy test. If your next period doesn't arrive or is lighter than usual or abnormal in any way, go and see the doctor

Could you be pregnant if you have all the symptoms of pregnancy for 3 weeks and still going but still got your period which was lighter than usual and on and off and the home tests are negative?

No! That is just wishful thinking!

Can you be 9 weeks pregnant and the pregnancy test be negative and you still had your period but you feel very tired have headaches everyday and feel sick sometimes?

It is possible if by period you mean light vaginal bleeding. It would be lighter and probably a different color than your usual period.

Why would you have your period for just one day?

If you have had sex recently, it could be implantation bleeding. Take a pregnancy test. If it is negative, wait and see what will happen with your next period. If you miss that or it is lighter or shorter than usual, go and see the doctor

Why only small amount of blood coming out on your menstruation period?

Simply your period is light - some women's periods are lighter than others, and everyone can have the odd period that's lighter than usual.

You had all the symptoms of pregnancy had a negative test result but 5 days late for your period then started lighter bleeding than usual but no more symptoms...could i be pregnant?

Yes. Go see a doctor.

When should your next period start after a termination?

it is not unusual for it to take 2-3 months and then it may be lighter than usual. good luck joymaker rn

Does taking primolut n during period have any effects?

They become lighter than usual!

I am on the pill and last month my period was two days late and lighter than usual i continued with my new pill pack but I'm now having pregnancy symptoms a month later could i be pregnant?


What are the chances of pregnancy if your periods have been brief and lighter than usual and you are having breast pain?


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