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No, they can only confirm you were seen for a medical condition on the date of the note. Your employer does not have any rights to enquire about your consultation.

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Q: If your school or employer calls your doctor's office asking when you was seen after turning in a doctor's note can the office give out any of my patient history or information in the state of ks?
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What health information professionals would be responsible for analyzing and interpreting patient data?


What does prior history means?

Normally prior history is the past medical conditions, surgeries, allergies, and hospitalizations that may be important for doctors to understand the patient and treat the patient more effectively and safely.

Can an employer ask an employee about health concerns that makes them late to work?

Yes, if it's on going. In British Columbia, Canada when a person is off work for three days or more an employer can ask for a doctors note. It's best to get a doctors note if possible because the doctor will only tell the employer that you are being treated, but won't tell the employer what you are being treated for (patient/doctor confidentiality.)

Can a Doctor Who drops a patient inform other doctors not to take this person as a new patient?

He can recommend them not to accept the new patient but he can not share information as to why. And a doctor most-likely wouldn't do this.

What fields are in a doctors database?

Whatever the doctor want to track. There are too many thousands of options to try to list anything meaninful here. The database would need to contain patient information and medical history items.

Is there a central database of patient history that all doctors can see?

I think it's a priviledged communication between a doctor and a patient. It will be confined to hospital records only. Hope it helps.

What are 4 items that are found in the medical records?

Some things are..... Patient's demographics. Diagnosis. Treatment. Previous history. Doctors Notes.

How computer is useful in hospitals?

It is useful for storing patient history and information and hospital records.

Why is it important to disclose information in nursing?

To assist in the welfare and treatment of the patient ! It's no good transferring a patient from one hospital to another - without telling the destination hospital the patients history. Otherwise the doctors at the new hospital would have to perform a complete diagnosis all over again - wasting time.

When creating a new patient file what steps would you follow?

A new patient file should have contact information off the patient and past medical history. It should also include insurance information and who to contact in an emergency.

Who is responsible for training employees in the medical office for HIPPA?

Patient information is a very important part in Health care system. Employer is the primary responsible for providing training to all employee who deals with patient information. Legally all the medical office should provide their patient with HIPPA notice.

Prediabeties carbohydrate intake?

There is no way to calculate a carbohydrate intake that will work for every prediabetic patient. Only doctors know this information.