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If your urine is clear does that mean that you are pregnant?


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2015-07-16 18:05:02
2015-07-16 18:05:02

No. Your urine may be clear for other reasons besides pregnancy! When you're pregnant you tend to find yourself peeing a lot more then usual. If you have had unprotected sex and you're peeing more frequently then you should consult your doctor for a pg test or take one at home. Your urine may be clear because you drank a lot of water today. It doesn't right off the bat mean you're pg! !


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Clear urine simply means that you have drank extra water or fluid, and then it came out in your pee. It's actually healthier to have clearer urine, not dark or yellow. Being pregnant should not change the color of your urine, and clear urine does not indicate whether or not you are pregnant.

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if your urine is clear is it clean of weed? defin8ly

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your urine is supposed to be clear but if its yellow you have to drink more water.

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Normally when your Urine is clear, it means that a good amount of Water, or H2o, is circulating your body.

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By white urine you mean clear urine or white because clear urine is just urine but white urine is semen and if you had a "tickling" sensation before it happened then its semen.

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