Ignou bpp result June 2009

Updated: 12/12/2022
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cbs June 2009 termend exam results

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Q: Ignou bpp result June 2009
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Ignou assignment of bpp pco1 2009-2010?

Yes assingment 2010.

Ignou BPP certificate valid for government job?

bpp is not a certificate. it is a bridge course for those who wish to do certain degree courses with out having plus two.

When was BPP Holdings created?

BPP Holdings was created in 1976.

When was BPP Law School created?

BPP Law School was created in 1992.

How to do Bcom from Ignou?

IGNOU through Distance Education offers B.Com in General, Accountancy and Finance, Corporate Affairs and Administration and Financial and Cost Accounting. It is of three year duration. A person with 10+2 qualification is eligible for admission. Non 10+2 candidates who have completed Bachelors Preparatory Programme (BPP) of the University are also eligible for admission.

Is bpp course is valid for pb government?

bpp course valid but BA,B.COM course complete .so bpp course valid.other yeas not valid.

What is the motto of BPP Law School?

BPP Law School's motto is 'Preparing you for practice'.

What does bpp stand for in bbp law school?

Brierley Price & Prior (The founders of BPP Law School)

When was BPP University College of Professional Studies created?

BPP University College of Professional Studies was created in 2010.

What is ranking of bpp university in world?


What does the abbreviation BPP stand for?

BPP was an abbreviation for the civil rights activist group formed by Bobby Seal in 1966 in Oakland, CA. This group was called the the Black Panther Party.

What is BPP insurance coverage?

Business and personal property coverage