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Pretty big. Your on a good track

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You are 12 your penis is .5 inches is that big or small?

when i was 12 my penis was 5 1/2 inches. so yes

If your twleve how big does your penis has to be?

im 12 and my penis is 3 inches when erect

How big is the wordst human penis?


Your penis is 12 inches is it small?

A bit, but we all have to deal with what we have.

How big is you penis supposed to be if your 12?

At the age of 12 your penis should be around 3-4 inches long.

Is 7 12 inches a big penis?

7 to 12 is small im 16 inches soft 21 inch hard and i find that great and my wife loves it x x x

How big is your penis supposed to be when you're 12?

well im 12 and my penis is 5.0 inches long and i havent started puberty

How big is George Weasley's penis?

12 inches 30 in centimeters

Is it normal for a 12 year old to have small testicles but a big penis?

I'm not sure, but I'm 12 and my penis is huge and my testicles are a little small.

How big would a penis be by age like 11 12 13 and so on?

im 12 and my penis is (7 and a half) inches long when i get an erection ----

My penis is 15.5cm long and 5 inches around is this small?

30.50cm is approx. 12 inches, so 15.50cm would be a healthy 6 inches and 5 inches in girth would hardly be considered a small penis. Rather med. to large.

Im 12 and your penis is 5 and 3 forth inches is that normal?

yes it is but that is pretty big for your age

If your sixteen and your penis is 6 12 inches has it stopped growing?

if your saying your penis is 12 inches then u prob have stopped growing, but when i was 12 inches i was still growing, so you may be

You are 12 and your Fully Erected Penis is 3 and a half inches long Is that small?

No that is not small because I'm 11 and that is the size of my penis fully erected. but both of us have a long way to go. ^_^

What is normal length of penis for 21 year old?

12 inches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7-12 inches!!!

Is 6 inches big for a 12 year old?

If you mean penis size then yes it is very big for a 12-year-old.See related question below.

Im a 14 year old boy your penis size is 12 inches?

The average penis size for a male is 5-6 inchesIf you have been told by someone that their penis size is 12 inches long, that may be true but the odds are extremely slim, and he is probably looking for attention. At your age, it is unlikely that anyone has one of that length. but 12 inches is a great size to have.Read more:What is the average size of a penisthe normal size of the pennis of a teen ager boy is 7in.onlythat 12 inches long is major major in length

You are 12 and your penis is 1.3 inches non erect is that small?

No, for a twelve year old to have an 1.3 inch penis is normal. Before the body goes through puberty the average size for an erect penis is 2-4 inches long. yes that is a small penis mine is 5 and half and im 13 but u will mature so dont worry

Is a penis just under 4 inches small?

you need help .................. that's to small buddie i know a plastic surgen who 12 tht can help lolololololol

Should your penis be nine inch when you are only fifteen?

That's quite small i think I am 12 inches 14 years old

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