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Girl! Your neva! and i mean neva to old to join gymnastics! espicially only 13. I'm a 12 year old level 8 gymnast and i went to a meet and saw a 40 year old woman competing! ha:) but anyways i dont think there are any free gymnastics groups you can join, but i may be wrong. hope this helped!<3

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Carly started gymnastics after her cousins birthday party at a local gym, and a coach there thought that Carly should give gymnastics a try, and she did.

Anybody can start gymnastics!

Yes it is you can start gymnastics at 20

Gymnastics started in Greece

When she was 3 she started Gymnastics.

It all depends on your goal. To be an Olympic gymnast, you'd have to start early, but you can enjoy yourself, and even get rather good later in life.

you should start elite gymnastics if you think you could go somewhere with it!

Gymnastics does not start in any particular season or end. It's year round

Yes for sure! You don't have to start when you're little to do gymnastics, it can be fun for all ages!

Yes gymnastics is for all ages. There are classes from mommy and me classes to adult classes in certain gymnastics centers. I started gymnastics at a late age for gymnastics. I started at the age of 10 ( I'm 15 now) and I'm now doing competitive gymnastics. But since I did start gymnastics later I'm not at a very high competitive level. My coaches told me if I did start gymnastics at an earlier age like everyone else I could've been at least a level 9 or maybe even 10! But since I do other stuff like cheerleading at school and gymnastics and I'm in high school now I do prep op gymnastics which is gymnastics which is not as committed as being an optional gymnast. Gymnastics is good to start young since your body is really flexible and your not afraid to try new skills and to build motor skills. If you started late like me its also good because you work on flexibility, strength, endurance, and it helps you get disciplined and stay focus at school. Almost every gymnasts get straight As. Adult classes are also good to start since adults also need exercise and they work on flexibility and strength to work on bone strength and endurance. So yes gymnastics is for all ages, and you have plenty of choices to choose from like mommy and me, adult, rec team, competitive team, and prep op levels. Hope this helped. Jean

Gymnastics started in 1811 by Friedrich Ludwing Jahn

yes. You can start gymnastics at almost any age, for the fun of it!

For competitive gymnastics it may be a little hard to start at that age, but if you're just looking for fun gymnastics its never to late to start. Competitive gymnastics is better when you start early, but if you have any kind of background in flipping sports, you may want to give it a try.

Watch the olympics for the gymnastics. July 27 - August 5

New England Gymnastics Express in Newington.

you should start when your probably 10 or 9

Gymnastics is very difficult to learn. Most beginner classes will began with building strength and flexibility, and learning basic tricks on trampolines or other equipment with a spotter (Gymnastics coach) to assure they don't get hurt, whereas intermediate classes will start to learn more difficult tricks with the floor, beam, bars, ect.

A 12 year can absolutely start gymnastics! However it would be a little late if she was looking to do serious competition. Gymnastics would really help her with strength and flexibility!

No it is never too late to start gymnastics you can always take a tumbling class or something.

Not at all. Gymnastics is a good sport for all ages

Lauren started gymnastics whe n she was 5 years of age

Shawn Johnson started competitive gymnastics at age 7.

Gabby douglas started gymnastics when she was 6 years old - in 2004

No, you can start gymnastics at any age. It is a fun sport to stay active and in shape for any age. :) Hope this helped

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