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I say fallow your heart! You can do anything if you put your mind to it! :)

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Q: Im 15 almost 16 and i want to start ballet but if i start this late is there any chance i will have a career in this profession?
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Would you break your toe if you didn't were ballet shoes?

Not for regular ballet but for pointe there is a chance that you could break toes.

I'm 13 and want to start ballet but if I start this late is there no chance of a pro career later?

You never know- if you want to start a pro career, i would definently start it now. 13 isn't that bad. If you are really into it, and really work hard, you could get a job as a pro. Go for it!!!

Im on my second year of ballet how long do i have untill i get on pointe?

Just ask your ballet teacher when you get the chance. Sometimes it depends on skill and age.

What is a paradox in ballet?

You must be really stupid. Ballet has no paradox. It gives up a chance to wonder times and worlds not of ours with emotion and skill. Ballet is only a paradox for those week minded in the modern world who think ballet is a wast of time.

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Is 17 too late to start ballet?

No, its never too late to start ballet. However, you may want to take a class on the basics, and ballet may not come as easy to you as it does to others your age who have taken it for years. With dedication, you can catch up, although you may have less of a chance to preform professionally.

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