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It's about average. An average penis is 6 1/2 inches. No, dont worry it'll get bigger when you get older 7'' is quite small

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im a white 15 year old my penis is 7 inches too and all the girls i know consider 7 inches big

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Q: Im 17 and my penis size is 7 inches is that big?
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I am 17 years old and i will never have a girlfriend because my penis is only 5.5 inches long and girth The best way is to kill myself.Can anyone tell me any easy way to kill myself?

5.5 inches long is a good size. Did you know the average penis size is about 5.7 inches for 17-year-olds? True girlfriends don't judge you based on your penis size. If you want to amaze a girl with your penis, don't worry about size, worry about what you are doing with it.

How big should a teenage boy penis?

it depends with every different one. i Am a 17 year old male with a quite big penis about 9 inches and i love my penis and so do all the girls

What is the avreage penis size for a 17 year old?

Well, the average teenager has a penis ranging from 2 to 16, which when erect, ranges from 3 to 20 inches.

You are 17 and have a 8 inch penis when erected is this small?

Yes. This is extremely small, the average size for a 17 year old is around 9 inches.

Is it bad for a 15 year old to have a small penis?

That depends on the definition of "small penis". Average size of the adult penis is 5.1-5.9 inches long with a circumference of 4.85 inches(thats circumference, not diameter). The average size at the beginning of puberty is about 2.4 inches long with adult size reached about 5 years later.

What is the size of a Siberian husky penis?

Typical length (from the knot to the tip) is 17 - 18 cm (around 7 inches) when erect.

How long is the average penis length hard for 17 year old?

well the average size for a penis for 16 -18 year old is about 6.6 in. - 7.5in.

You just turned 17 your penis is small how big is an average 17 year old penis?

An average penis is about 6 inches some males grow larger and some take time to develop or just reach a certin length and stop growing Its all about the gence you get from your parents

What is the average penis size for a 17 year old Arab?

well as your an Arab i would say 2 inches tops (jk) i cant really say it should be done by now so about 6 inches mine is just over 5 and im 14 (girls have said it is big)

What if your 17 and your penis is six inches how can i make it bigger and thicker for free and safely?

Your penis is just fine.

I am not really worried about how long my penis is but the girth is what worries me and my penis is 4 inches plus i am are 11?

Your penis is coming along fine, and it will get bigger by the time you are 17-17. Just enjoy what you have.

You are 17 and you have a 5.9 inch penis is that OK?

Penis size can vary greatly and is influenced by genetics and other factors. At 17, your body is still developing, and it’s normal for penis growth to continue into early adulthood. If you have concerns about your penis size or development, consider discussing them with a healthcare provider to get personalized advice and reassurance.